My Birthday coming you know?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Okie dokie I know it has been ages since I have last updated, < insert activity > farted, said a swear word, etc.
I've been a great girl these days and Im pretty sure Santa's coming my way this year after all the ZERO shopping I did not do.

Remember my birthday shoe promise to myself?
Well, the shoes are still sitting on display, Taka level 2.

I innocently went shopping last week with Jungle Boy and I kinda co-erced him into going Orchard with me.
While at Ngee Ann City, I angelically walked past On Pedder and in my utmost incredulous voice, I said to him, "Oh look! Shooooes!"

I swear he fainted on spot, recovered almost too quickly and mumbled, "I going Borders."
And disappeared before I could say another word.

For a guy whose last name is not Houdini, I must say he did a splendid job of evacuating a potentially disastrous scenerio.

Me and shoes? Waddaya think?

But alas fate has its funny ways and after swooning n lusting after almost everything in sight, my senses held me back and I only decided to get a nude very prive classic Louboutins in 36 and a half.

Sales personnel went in, came out, went in once more, came out again, made afew enquires and told me the two most dreaded words in the world.. "NO STOCK."

Crushed like a defeated cockroach stucked in a perilous mist of Baygon, I held back my single tear and decided that if I cant get those to-die-for nude loubies, then nothing else is good enough then.
Patent no patent, leather no leather.

N just as soon as I utter a very glum, "Thanks but its ok, then." I turn around and see who else but the bloody magician appears right infront of me and chirps like a bird who just caught a worm,- "Ok, darling, let's go!"

I also think I heard a silent 'whoopee' under his very breath.

The author reserves to the right to go buy another pair of shoes wherever and whenever she bloody darn feels like it.



Flying off to Koh Samui later this evening for a quiet birthday this year with Jungle Boy.
Magician man not so bad, after all.

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