Second week of the year

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ok ok I know lar its been ages since I last blogged but its becoz I've been so bloody busy!
Er.. actually busy doing pretty much nothing.

Sometimes it gets really hard settling down and doing something proper the whole day.
I have a gizillon errands to run and mostly I will start to do something.. only to be interupted by realising that I have another thing to do.
Then I leave the first thing Im doing hanging halfway in the air, while I do the second be disrupted by someone/ or something that needs my attention.

This usually goes on til late and then I get so exhausted I forget what I actually have to do.

Like, I edited my cruise pictures nearly a week ago but Im only posting it up now!
(Later,in this post.. I mean.)

I am quite, quite embarrassed lar.

Esp when I have my friends (Eg, My darling Silver) telling me to blog more often.
Okie dokie, new year resolution for 2009 : BLOG MORE OFTEN YA!

And of coz, the obligately resolution for Jungle Boy : NOT TO BUY SO MANY SHOES & BAGS BECOZ RECESSION YOU NOE.

But it really doesnt help when Im going to Milan, Italy tomorrow.

I mean, how not to get anything when I've been such a good girl this year?!
Yes, it might be only two weeks INTO the year, I hear you I hear you.. but still.

For example, I firmly resisted an offer from Jungle Boy to get another camera OR a new laptop for my belated Christmas present.

Just becoz I think and I really thought it over real hard I can assure you as the colour pink was involved in both cases.(Manufacturers getting very smart by making gadgets in pink I concur.)

And how do u resist pink?

But I did and I will continue to do so...!
Until either my laptop or camera becomes such a wreck then heehee...*evil laughter*

Okies, back to my conslidated pictures from my cruise in the beginning of the year.

SuperStar Virgo offers so much more than first class dining and entertainment - it takes you to places where the sun, sea, people and culture blend colourfully well.

Every deck onboard SuperStar Virgo teems with endless fun, entertainment and activities. As you cruise to the most exotic parts of Asia on this floating five-star resort, its more than 25 outlets of food and beverage, entertainment and recreation outlets will impress you.

Im thankful for my family who very kindly sponsored me & Jungle Boy a balcony room!
They're bigger and pretty airy as compared to the other bunks.
And I like how the sun shines into out room when we wake up in the morning for breakfast.
We get to go out to the balcony area, drink a cup of tea and relax, listening to waves from the deep blue sea below.

The cruise ship has 13 decks of bunks and activity function rooms like a library, an arcade, restaurants, discos and lounges.
We explored the place alittle but becoz the both of us have been there before, this trip was more for us to take a short break without going too far or travelling too much.

On the second day of the trip, Star Cruise even prepared a huge buffet for all guests at the pool deck!
It was absolutely lovely, with the sun setting in midst of a live band singing and the waft of delicious food with chefs cooking it right infront of you.

A very short, but rejuvenating trip that u can go once in awhile to recharge and get away from the hustle & bustle of our urban lives in the city.

Ok, got to go do something else!

I have bags to pack and clothes to choose for my long trip tomorrow!
Waiting for Jungle Boy to come home then we'll head to the supermarket after dinner.

Back soon I hope with my tons of pictures from my Jakarta trip earlier this week, dinner with my besties from last week and yacht pictures from Sunday with Jungle Boy's friends!

Bye everyone!
Have a blessed week.


Edited to add:

fan: Thank u thank u! Yup I had a great time, & yes.. I deleted my old blog. Well,to start anew also good lor! :p

evillin32: Thank u too! Happy new year to u, & Im glad u got to my archives.. LOL!

polarie: My life is lagi boring I can tell u! Work work & work these days.. cant wait to Chinese new year but guess what.. I wun be around! Boo hoo hoo to me. Not so envious now rite.. :P

Scooby: No problem at all! Sorry if I dun reply quickly sometimes, but if u have any more urgent enquires, feel free to email me instead. I tend to reply alot faster in emails. Hee!

Qi: Yes I wear grey lenses from FreshLook monthly disposables. They cost $42 a pair and I like it becoz they look rather nice. But no big eye effect though.
Hths! :)

holly: Sorry, but I dun (becoz I cant) reply questions regarding that particular company. But Im pretty sure its website has all relevant information on ur enquires. I wish u luck! ;)

bubblegum: U mean my 'PONG PONG' hair? Friends say can hide a bun inside, Jungle Boy say I look like Marge Simpson so u sure u like it?? Keke.. but will do a tutorial soon if u like it! No prob! :)

ladysilver: I think u more BLISSFUL lor!!! Got cutie baby & lovely hubby to buy u so many things! Not like my Jungle Boy.. only know how to treat me chicken rice eat... sob.

cherry: I buy got 50% discount bo? ;)

Ok bye guys!
I welcome more tags becoz y'all do brighten up my mundane life! Peace out.. Love.

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