Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the lack of updates coz I've been quite under the weather recently.
It started with a sore throat then it gradually became a very bad runny nose and some body-aches.
And I couldnt really do anything except net surfing coz it made me rather drowsy from all the medication that I was taking.

I'm feeling much better now but still coughing alittle and when I talk, I sound like a man.

But all this time that I spent recuperating was anything but a waste.

Unbeknownst to me, there were some talk in cyberspace that people were saying which wasnt extremely flattering to me.

(Hi ladygaga!*waves*)

True, I felt hurt at first.

But I realised that it was quite real actually, so angry for what?
N not only that, I agreed with some of the things they said.

I mean - my pouffy hair.. my drag queen like makeup.. what-not etc, quite irritating also la.
So now I am really trying to tone it down alittle, throw away some (SOME ONLY AH!) of my fake lashes and dun be so Marge Simpson anymore.

Thank you, girls.
I took it all in - no problemo.

But some things will never change, ok?

I will still post up pictures of myself, and I can't change the fact that Jungle Boy does really like me for who I am.
(Maybe he is reeeeally that bad taste. LOL)

Oh btw Im 27, n he worse ah, 35 already so we can bloody stay with whomever we like even if we're not married.

And my parents have given us their blessings coz got people want their shortie daughter, they ish happy liao.

And I dunno how to photoshop leh, so I cant make my nose sharper n not so Piggy-like...sigh.
Coz I really dun wanna scare people if they see me in person and realise I look nothing like how I look like in my blog.

But regardless, I still need to thank some of you out there for dropping by..
Thank you!

Ok, finally the very cliche and the very hated..

God bless all.

Have a great day!


Pics from Paris up next!
And I had fun writing this.. so WORLD PEACE everyone!

Anyone saw S-Factor on Sunday?


yixuan: Thanks girl! U really know me so well LOL. And yes.. flooble chatbox always got problem and I use them coz Im so used to it. :p

Fan: Hows the detox coming along? Update me ya!

annie: Yes you are right. :) But using boiled/mineral water should be good enough for the program, so dun stress urself over it k!

mikotang: AHAHAHAHAHA I oso got no breast.. only got chest. :x

123 & jj: Hmmm Im a full-time shopoholic if u really want to know.. :P

anon: Im 27! :D

al: I use this brand called "MACDONALDS 100% Maple Syrup". Hths!

yixuan: See first tag replied to u. Hee!

wind: NTUC dun have! LOL, try Cold Storage or Jason's.

al: I agree with u on the heaty part. Its quite spicy and I advise u to put less if u cant take it.

DL: Bags in Paris are roughly 20% cheaper than Singpore after tax deduction.

jt: Yes its rather spicy if u dun take spicy. But I like spicy! Maybe thats why I feel sick.. :(

mikotang: Nods! No need to add too much if u dun like the taste.

kris: Its RED colour, not the white or black pepper that we are used to. Have u found it yet? It is in the racks with peppers and spices.

al: Doesnt really matter, as long as u are comfortable drinking it.

jt: I use PICASA to do up my collages and then I upload it to FLICKR. The sizes u see are actually from FLICKR.

21251: Hi hi I didnt do the salt flush coz Im not on the fast. I just drink it along with reduced food portions. I would rec honey as long as u are comfortable with it. :D Cheers.

Bye guys!
Take care n Loves all.

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