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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Isn't it a lovely day?
It rained alittle then now the sun is back up and I love the smell of grass & rain.

I hope Im not too late coz I spent like 2 hours alone doing up my pictures from last week, hi-tea and dinner with my lovely friends & family here and half across the world.

Geez... I really have ALOT of pictures, man.
Looking at them alone is giving me a massive headache becoz I have to collage them, tag them, post them, blog them.. etc.

But whenever I look at the pictures I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. like falling in love for the first time becoz I feel so blessed to have such great company wherever I go.

And sometimes travelling can be a lonely thing.

I live out of my suitcase so much I feel like an octopus sometimes.
Or wishing I can be at two places at one time.

But never would I grumble about losing sleep to meet friends, nor would I brush them off aside becoz they are my life and I will always try to be there for them.

People tell me that they cannot find a true friend.. but sometimes u have to ask urself truthfully - Are u being a good friend yourself?

That is why I am extremely grateful for my chums.. I really feel that they have been there for me, no matter rain or shine.

They will ask me about my day, comfort me (with food usually) , make fun of me (always), but would never fail to listen to me.

And even if I couldnt be there personally at times, I would try my best to reach out no matter which end of the world I am in.

Okies.. getting alittle teary-eyed now.
Im a big baby, sometimes!

Back to my gazillion pictures..
I'll start right from the beginning, eh?


Becoz we were all busy, we had to do a simple one unfortunately for our BFF but I know she doesnt mind one bit!

Well.. we did buy her cake and a present ok.
N I even threw in a bouquet of roses for good measure!

But my BFFs would beg to differ.
Coz dunno ish I buy for birthday gal or for myself.

Damn mean laaa they all.

We love cake!

We love her and this would be the last year she is celebrating her birthday as a Miss.
ROFL.. somebody next year Mrs Koh wor.

Think we are really getting old.
When we first knew each other it was partying, clothes, bags and going out.

Now its wedding rings, houses and hotels.

We spent the night laughing so hard we cried.
I cant remember much, but it was pretty much a lovely night spending time with ur best friends.


I love New York.
I've always loved that place becoz of its vibrancy, its nightlife, its dirty streets.
Ok, kidding.

I love the shopping and the people.
I get to see different people from all walks of life in NYC alone, the mega rich, the super pretty, and the really crazy.

I've seen a guy openly pee in the subway and nobody bats an eyelid.
I was quite, quite mortified at first but I tried to look cool else people would LOOK at me instead.

Now, I dun sweat the small stuff in subways, or anywhere for that matter anymore.

After a day of shopping at Macy's at 34st, I met up with my favourite friends in New York.

I'm pretty sure u've seen their pictures before if u follow my blog.
I love them to bits coz they will never hesitant to show me a good time in NY.
And we all have something in common.. we dig fabulous food n having lotsa drinks!

Day 1

Carmine's at Broadway.

And oh.. that includes Hooka-ing too!

It was a mini united nation gathering, with such diverse races and it was a fantastic night.

I learned so much from how people lived in their countries and what they are doing now, how different our paths are, - but then I realise no matter where we all came from.. we are pretty much the same since we are in such an amazing, amazing place called New York.

I miss them already n I cant wait to be back.

Day 3

Still jet-lagged and bleary eyed, I made my way to Times square with my lovely colleague.

He's such a great guy, I had so much fun learning new things and laughing like a mad woman along the streets of 5th Ave.

Its amazing how u can meet some people who are such wonderful angels simply dropping by like a butterfly on a flower.
I am humbled by his stories, and enthralled by his experiences.

I wish him happiness becoz I know he truly deserves it.

Then it was time to go back home sweet home.


Once I came back it was an immediate meet up with my sweet sisters (not real, of coz.) who are mummies now and I love cutie pie Yue En!

She's the youngest baby in the group at 9 months.
And she was absolutely a dream to bring out.. she didnt make any noise and she finished all the food her mummy fed her with.

But best of all, she's totally unafraid of strangers and we had such a good time playing with her while mummy ate cakes.

Not her mummy ah.

Playing with little Yue-En.

The Sisters I never had.

Mummies patting baby to sleep.
P.S I just carry on eating coz I only know how to play with baby.

What I was eating.

It was such a wonderful 'family' outing!
From bottom left up: Sister Selena, Sister Sharlene and Papa Leslie.

After the hearty hi-tea session, I met my BFFs for dinner!
We ordered so much I had to ta bao the pizza back for the ever-hungry Jungle Boy.

But then I told him I 'bought' supper for him which technically isnt wrong coz I paid for it, no?
Jungle Boy took one look and said, " Wah lau u girls cannot finish then bring back ask me eat rite!"


To which I simply retorted, "Wan to eat anot?"
"Want...." *grumble grumble incomprehensibly*, came the quick reply.

Hahahaaaa.. I am a bad girlfriend I know.

Take care all, am so sleepy now.
Woke up so early to go work.. tomorrow another day of work.

God bless.
Tags to be replied soon.
Sorry sorry.


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