snow alps n birthday wishes

Friday, May 01, 2009

Yup! Im back from playing snow in the mountains of Switzerland, Zurich and my toes froze so badly they went numb while we threw snowballs at each other in the middle of the mountain.

I'll be back soon, so tired and have lotsa things to do as yet.
My suitcase is still left unopened, but Im joining Jungle Boy and some church friends for a BBQ later - betcha I'll be as glazed as the chicken wings on the pit.

Its my two babies birthday tomorrow, BFF's Miko 18th birthday (heehe.) and Im planning some cake cutting though another BFF's high with fever.

I hope the sick one get well soon, and the birthday one stay young forever.
I love u both to bits, and we are FOUR, not three, not two and definately not one.

Then its the real baby's 2nd birthday party tomorrow noon and I think I better get some Barney's or anything purple soon.

Bye loves, off to do a million things.
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