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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hey guys!
Im right now in Moscow, Russia and Im so darn lazy to go anywhere.
I love being alone sometimes, the silence is deafening but I am contented.
I can sleep, watch my HK drama without interupptions and surf the internet in wee hours of the night til I get sleepy.
Quite shioook to be away from civilization and live like a hermit.

Im actually a rather social person no doubt but I think everyone needs some 'me' time to recharge.
Even shopping alone or going for a quick massage can be incredibly therapeutic.

My ultimate favourite activity is browsing books in bookshops and then having a cuppa coffee in the middle of Orchard road looking at busy shoppers waltz by me on a lazy weekday afternoon.

I love bookshops, the older the better.
I relished the smell of paper and it would always remind me of my childhood when my mum would bring me to the library and allow me to sit on the floor and go through books and books of princesses and fairies and kings and castles.


Okies, some pictures from my babylove's birthday bash last month.

Pearly's Rock and Roll Party 29th May 2009

Avenue: Gallery Hotel - Em Bar
Time: 10pm til late

It was such a mad crowd, we had 3 birthday girls actually and all of them are my secondary schoolmates.
And becoz we all came from the same school, the place had evolved into an imprompto prom night or something!
But it was great fun seeing people from my childhood and looking back now, I really feel that my school days were the best times of my life, seriously.

p.s I was quite a geek in school coz I wore glasses.
p.p.s And as I came from a convent school, hence the reason why there are no boys in these pictures!

The Party Sign

Friends from so long ago..!

Party poppers were given out to everyone.

Jiehui and her oversized sunnies! Hahahaha!

Sophia with her best KISS impression!

We were partners in Home Ed class.. bahahahahha!
God.. has it been 14 years already?

Pearly's homemade naughty cake.
Its agar agar actually, made lovingly by Sherry's mummy. Goodness in a form of a man, ha!

Group Picture.

Me love cupcake!

And so do my friends!
We had a good laugh coz they had all grabbed a cupcake to eat and I was like, "Waaaait! Take pictureee take pictureee first!"

And so they had to pose before they can eat cake.

My baby girl and me.
I love her to bits coz she was so sweet, sending me a personalised sms thanking me for my present n for attending the party.
So bery touched and I feel extremely blessed to have great friends.

Its true that u dun need expensive lunches or costly presents just to have a good time with people u love.
Just some alcohol and everyone starts hugging everyone suddenly, hee.

I love this picture totally coz I love how candid it was and how everyone was laughing.
Happy pictures make me happy, and I will think of everyone ever so very fondly whenever I see these.

Got to go, been talking to Jungle Boy on Skype since 4pm and its dinnertime for me already!
Its weird how I can just listen to him breathe - both of us not even saying a single word and I still feel like Im the luckiest girl in the world.

Tags to be replied later.
God bless.


Peace out, love all.

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