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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hellooooo everyone!
Im back from London and Chanel is soooooo expensive there now!

Toopid shop went to increase their prices coz there were queues everyday when the pound hit a all time low and the bags were so bloody cheap.
Now they cost so much more, people must be mad to buy a bag there.

I went for a walk, shook my head and run out of there in a jiffy.
The salesperson was snotty and the bags looked so old.

Think I have to go look for another brand to pursue now.

But Im incredibly proud of myself!
I took the Tube to MarbleArch and spent more time picking underwear from Primark.
They have the cheapest things there and every weekend people queue infront of the shop before they open for business.

I spent a grand total of 22 pounds (S$52) and I bought socks, bras, underwear and even a bery bery cute pink bikini!
For my trip to Phuket, no doubt!

Cheap and good ~ thats my mantra recently!

I then went to Selfridges and touched all the luxuriously smelling leather shoes but I couldnt make myself to buy any.

I am a changed person, I guess.

Jungle Boy is so proud of me, he says.

But truthfully, how many pairs of feet do I exactly have?

I have a whole shoerack of shoes but I wear slippers all the time.
Sometimes I think if I could go barefooted, I would!

So phuket sounds like a great idea, I dunno where we're staying exactly coz the boyfriend wants it to be a surprise.
:) :) :)

And I heard its five footsteps away from the beach.


but if his idea of being near the beach is opening a tent and camping there, then I swear I'll burn all his clothes in a bonfire!

Come to think of it, - with Jungle Boy u'll never know.

Sekali take me there n sell.

Okies lovely gals, Im dead beat now and lotsa errands to run tomorrow before I go for my holiday!
Take care everyone, will reply tags asap!

God bless.

Its my BFF Hua's birthday today and I wish her health and happiness!

I love her sooo much although she can be so damn irritating I just want to kill her usually.
But she's my BFF and will always be.


Big toy for me after I come back from my holiday!
Jungle Boy not so bad, afterall la.

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