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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I swear Im going on a diet.. like, RIGHT AWAY.

In jakarta now, waiting for my room service first! :p
I have some money left from my previous time here and I haven eaten properly, save for a bao that Jungle Boy bought for me before I went to work.

I loveeeee baos!
No wonder my face fat fat like one B I G bao too..!

Had a crazy time with the BFFs last night, laughing so hard until my sides ache.
U cannot imagine how hilarious everyone were,- maybe its the wedding bells in the air making us all excited and chattering non-stop.

Yes.. my dear readers, we are planning a wedding.

But by all means please DO NOT assume its mine becoz the bride is not me! :p

My BFF is the one getting married, arh. :)

Im going to be a 'sister' of course, and if they need a driver for the bridal car I oso can!
But not sure if the bride n groom willing to take the risk though.

Im so happy, no words can describe or hide the fact that I am over the moon.
'Machiam ur wedding liddat', Jungle Boy tells me.

What do men know?

I concur weddings to men are akin to seeing ur brother go to jail.
Or having 99% of their freedom taken away, perhaps.

I remember someone telling a happy groom on his wedding day.. "Enjoy it while u can... brudder, - coz ur nightmare starts tomorrow."

I think it was Jungle Boy who said it.

Nevertheless, I promise to keep my boyfriend away from my BFF's groom in case he changes his mind about getting married.

But regardless, the bride has an army of very fierce (read: ah lian) sisters behind her, so if her groom tries to be funny.. we swear he'll no sooner run back to the altar.

To all the brides in the world, dun worry.
Once he signs on the dotted line, there is no way he can turn back time.

So til then, be a good girl and dun tell him what fierce friends u have!

Love all, take care!
God bless.


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