Love is Part II..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

After our usual family dinner, Jungle Boy looked at me with a winkle in his eye and said, "Can I bring u go somewhere special alone?"

And secretly we ended up at ...

Sorry if I look tired.. coz I was!
Been out the whole day then such a last minute thing going to the Marina Barrage.

God bless, all.
Take good care - Heard something over the radio today while making my way to town.. "There's nothing more precious to ur loved ones than yourself."

How true.


Questions that have been frequently asked on my tagbox:

Q: Where did u stay in Phuket?

Q: How much was ur package?
A: We paid ard $900 per person for a 4D3N stay including air tickets n airport transfer.

Q: Wat agency did u go to?
A: We booked the tour through HOLIDAY TOURS agency.
TEL: 6734 1818

Q: What should I do in Phuket?
A: There are lotsa things to do! Jetskiing n parasailing is a common beach activity besides suntanning in Patong Beach. They typically cost 1000baht each.
Besides eating, massage n going to the beach, there are places to go like Phi Phi island tour which takes one day (9am-4pm) and cost around 2900baht per person.
There are also cruises (day n night) which takes u to islands by ferry n you can have dinner onboard. They cost ard 2500baht each.
We also went to see a ladyboy show called Simon cabaret which has two showing, 7.30pm n 9.30pm (1000baht) and it was very entertaining as well. :)

Q: How much is ur white watch?
A: Its from a brand called PRIMO @ Lucky Plaza #02-01, shop is called EuroTime.

Q: What camera are u using?
A: Its a Nikon D60.

Q: Where did u get the black top from? (Phuket Day 1 pics)
A: I got it on a beach in Koh Samui when I went there for holiday. However, I saw exact ones in Phuket too! So I would think u could get it from Thailand (eg. bkk)or maybe u can try places like Bugis Village here? Hths!

Q: How about ur sunglasses then?
A: I got it from a roadside shop in Taipei afew yrs back n they cost only $8! So I treat them like little treasures now coz I cant seem to find exact ones here. But I suggest u go Far east plaza, coz they have a huge array of glasses to suit everyone.

Ok! Last question, elaine!

A: Yes..! And no, actually.

I'll buy one if I like it, but so far nothing has caught my eye. :(
Hahaa n Jungle Boy loves it when I come home with nothing too!

I guess I would prefer buying something I really, really like now, rather than buying something just becoz the whole world has it.

I dun n wun submit to peer pressure, becoz I am really very poor and cannot afford anything, u noe?

Heee.. so who wan to buy me dinner?
I eat anything n everything if u dunno already. ;)

Talking abt food, I hungry again.
Basket.... less than 3 weeks to BFF wedding n I haven go on diet yet!

Gtg.. my eyes are closing.
Good night all!

Love ya.


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