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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hi gals!
Hows the week coming a long so far? :)

I need to do this rather quickly coz I have a million things to do later!
My new Holy Gail...

Presenting my new concealor :

Cle de peau concealor in Ocher.

My review:

I like it becoz its creamy but it doesnt settle in fine lines, - so girls with dry skin, dun worry.
It covers beautifully and goes on smoothly. I dun need alot, just alittle as compared to my other concealor by makeupforever.
Its only downside is its pricy tag, but if money is not an issue with u (it is for me!) then u should go ahead n get it.

Retails at $116 and u can get it from the beauty counter at takashimaya.
I like the salesgirl there, she was very polite and patient with me.

I shall use it sparingly, as a tube of it is rather expensive!
I bought a makeup primer too, shall review it at a later date.

I love makeup and I am only willing to splurge on it if it works.
However, I buy cheaper eyeshadows (coz I dun use them often) and inexpensive lipglosses.
I believe in spending alittle more on skincare, foundations and powder.

Okies, back to eating bread again.

God bless, y'all!
Have a great weekend ~
Im off to New York soon and I have lotsa packing to do!

Take care.


polarie: i treat u eat bread! :p

Questions to be answered shortly!
Do leave a tag and I can answer them at once.
Thank you!

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