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Monday, August 31, 2009

If there anything I love more than my family and food, it has to be shopping!
But I dun even think its even a surprise to anyone of u here.. hehee.

So last week, while I was contemplating having lunch at a nearby hawker center - I decided that it was a lovely day so I went shopping!

And no I didnt make a trip down to town, but instead I decided to do something that I haven had the chance to do in a long time..SHOPPING IN THE HEARTLANDS!

I think Singapore is a place dotted by so many shopping malls that surely, but slowly they are intruding into our traditional shophouses in the heartlands.
No sooner will everything become air-conditioned and state of the art, but sadly they tend to lose all characteristics of being a middle-class Singaporean hangout.

Growing up in the east, I have always spent time in hawker centers, bus interchanges and buying stationary in family-owned provision shops.

If the weather was very hot, we would go to MacDonald's and buy a coke and sit down and talk until the manager chases us away.
Sometimes we pretend to study there, but God knows we were actually talking about our weekends and some cute boyband like Take That or Boyzone.

I reminisce about those times fondly when I see students in school uniforms and wonder how can 11 years pass by so quickly?

So last week when I stood in the bus interchange and looked at bus 227, - I find myself having such an overwhelming wistful thinking of being a kid once again.

But sometimes I feel that I still am.

Ok back to shopping.

I loved how those little shops that resemble Daiso have cute little gadgets going for a dollar twenty, or how I bought 2 pairs of Tweety bird toothbrushes for $2.50.
They even come in different colours, including pink!

I walked by countless chinese medical shops and I have the strangest inclination towards herbal teas.
Perhaps they remind me of the times when my parents forced some down on me when I grew a pimple!
Becoz 'all pimples' are caused by heatiness, they say.

Lo and behold, I still strangely drown myself with those when I feel a pimple appearing.

Then I got alittle hungry and having kway chup in the middle of the busiest hawker center at the interchange with a cup of teh makes me incredibly happy.

I know some people would never have a meal alone, but I feel it so therapeutic to watch the world go by while eating.

And as if it I didnt enjoy myself enough already, I strolled by a little gem of a shop - so nondescript that I wouldnt even notice it if I walked alittle faster.
And I bought a chiffon off-white top for a mere $10..!

Prices that u can only find in my beloved heartlands! :D

Who says u have to spend alot to shop?
Your next buy might be in yr own neighbourhood, - so happy shopping everyone.

Am so going to check out new stock tomorrow after my swim n yoga in the morning.
Cant wait.

God bless.
Take care all!


p.s Sorry for the lack of updates and pictures!
Jungle Boy has been sick for a week and is slightly better now.

p.p.s Am in need of a new camera!
Pray I get one soon so I can post pictures! Else everyday I got to bug the bf to take picture for me.

Byeeee everyone, love.


Here's a really quick and simple nourishing homemade mask that could benefit all skin types.

You need:

- Two tablespoons of Honey
- Two tablespoons of Oatmeal

- A mixing Bowl
- Tablespoon

(I use Quaker Instant Oatmeal and Manuka UMF 15 Honey)

Oatmeal is great for oily skins especially because it absorbs excess facial oil.
Honey is great for soothing skin.
It contains high proportions of natural AHAs and it is gentle on sensitive skins too.
Honey is anti-microbactiral and it acts as a natural antiseptic so I love using honey in all my homemade masks.

(Some information credits to http://beaut.ie/blog/?p=534)

Mix well and apply to face.
U may add afew drops of water if u find the mask too gooey.

Wait 15 mins and wash off with lukewarm water.
Apply toner and moisturiser as per normal.

I pour my SKII Treatment Essence into a spritz bottle and apply as a toner after washing my face.
(In the mornings only. At night I use my regular toner to make sure all trances of makeup is removed.)
Its extremely hygienic, is not wasteful and easy to put in ur handbag for quick perk-me-ups in the day.

Ok bye all..!
Am waiting for Jungle Boy to have dinner at home with the family!

Tags to be replied later.

Stay healthy, all.


My Surprise Gift from ThePurseHeaven.Net!

I came back from work and the next morning I had personal present from the lovely owner of ThePurseHeaven!

Miss P is such a sweet girl, and it was such a real pleasant start of the day.

As u all are aware that I do not accept monetary benefits for doing advertorials, Miss P has very kindly taken upon herself to surprise me with this extremely lovely PINK cosmetic pouch from her line of most delicious looking small bags.

And hor.. *say softly*  I think she realised I like pink, heehee.

Thank you ThePurseHeaven.Net, and most of all - Miss P.

Romantic Rose Pouch

If u like the pouch here, or would like to look at the range of bags, acessories and wallets that PurseHeaven has, - please click on ThePurseHeaven.Net now, girls!

Remember to quote ELAINE73 in ur order and get 5% off!

Got to go, 9pm show start liaoooo..!


Miss P:
I wanted to surprise u back with this post!

Tags replied!

shanie: Thanks babe! Aiyo but i can tell u i got alot of hidden fats lor...trust me! ;)
Elaine Y: Im 158cm short, hehehe.
Evilin: Do u wan this recipe too? I email u??
ann: Jungle Boy has afew lens! He even has flash kit, white balance thingy, and some others. Do u need the names of all? I can ask him later! :D
jacque: Er... I dun clean my bags at all.. :P N no.. I wasnt at Great World, did u see someone else perhaps keke.
kirs: Hi babe! Did u enjoy urself?? How was the weather? Great I hope! :)
siyin: She charges about $35 I think, but now Twister has an on-going promotion for all haircuts and treatments so do call them to check them out! 63874044 Twister Hougang
missy: Hello babe! Thanks and yesss lor imagine everyone getting married already, so scary! So when's ur turn? :p
S: I soooo agree with u! But all good things will come to an end one day and I hope I will have the strength to carry on n embark on another journey of my life! :D
ping: Thanks! I do love my EDWIN jeans, I have two pairs and I rotate among them all the time.
anony n C : Its really a ulu ulu neighbourhood salon wor! And I live in the east so Im not sure if u live nearby and if u r willing to come all the way to my side! LOL!
yixuan: Sorry dear! But I was back by the time u saw my post wor! :(
c: See above post.
pat: They are Shu Uemura's fakies! :D
anon: Pls email me, thanks.
anon: Wahahhaha true wat!I always buy n buy in Daiso but end up putting them all in a corner. :p
j: I bought the black gown from Anner.Dorrell at Vivocity #01-93 Tel: 63769654
mikotang: Thank u girl..! I've seen u tag before coz I recognize ur nick! :D
Anon: I use the DARK BLUE range of dove! :)

Sorry for the late replies.. I've actually replied these tags and even blogged a post but accidentally deleted everything hence the late updates!
Will blog abit more before I get back to work on Wednesday so in the meantime, take care all!
Bye loves.

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