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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hi girls!
How was ur looong weekend? :D
I was away for work last week and now that Im back this morning I woke up bright and early to torture myself in Yoga and then even managing to do afew laps in the water.

I met my girlfriend at the gym and she is so so slim even after a baby!
Omg... its madness how Im fatter than her although she's about a decade older with a 6mth old daughter.

Therefore I must GAMBATTE..!
I think I better stop eating suppers everyday.. but grr.. its so difficult when u have a super skinny boyfriend who is like the devil egging u to order Macdonalds, or go grab a mutabak at Sempang Bedok.

Basket.. I shall not give in to temptation!
But everytime I say that I end up still eating a Fillet O Fish with Shaky Fries.
(My favouriteeeeee!)

Anyways.. Im a bery happy girl!
My new cutie makeup case arrived in the post last week promptly.. courtesy of THE PURSEHEAVEN WEBSITE!

Its so cuteeeeeeeeee!
Look at the two little diamond zippers.

I guess after shopping for clothes online, u could try something different and shop for bags and wallets!

Click The PurseHeaven.Net now!

The PurseHeaven has frequent new arrivals and their bags and wallets are Japanese/Korean inspired so they are very unique and goes with ur cute dresses very well!

But what I love most are their adorable makeup pouches and beautiful accessories like their multicoloured bangles which the very kind people of The PurseHeaven.Net gave me in addition to my cosmetic case!

There is also a 5% discount off storewide just for readers of ELAINE73!
Simple quote ELAINE73 in ur order and start shopping...!

Take care all, tags to be replied below.
God bless.


ThePurseHeaven.Net even sells Coach items at unbelievable cheaper prices! Do check them out now!
Even if an item is sold out, u could request for ThePurseHeaven.Net to bring it back! Yipppee..!


ping: Hi ping! How r u? :D I bought my jeans from a shop called Woonderland and the brand is EDWIN VIENUS JEANS. (Edwin's ladies jeans line.)

Fan: Thank u babe! Im not stress-free.. I have my worries and problems like everyone else! But I would prefer to have a positive attitude in life.. like they say,"DUN SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!" It has always been my motto and mantra. C'est la vie!
p.s But I do have a bad temper... laallala ~ :P

anonymousvan: OMG thank u thank u! Mai a neh.. I will paiseh one... *shy*

Lyn: Thanks babe! R u referring to the blouse from ILOVEBEINGREAL? Ahahahhaa its grey but look very very blue! :D

polarie: Sorrieeeeeee!!! U come join me at AMORE babe!!!!!!!

serene: Hi serene! Thank u! But my hair is very straight naturally with alittle wave underneath. But I would usually blow dry my fringe n hair when its wet so its not a problem for me. No, I dun rebond my hair coz I find rebonding expensive n rebonded hair is too straight for my liking.

missy: Hi missy! I am using the Kose sekkisei with WHITE cap. It does have alcohol I think, but its not drying for me becoz I apply moisturiser right after.

wendy: Thank u babe! I buey paiseh go n take a picture of Song Hyo Kyo to show the hairstylist ma! I went to a neighbourhood salon only, and yes... ALOT OF HAIRSPRAY N ALOT OF PINS!! Hahahahah!

polarie: Who glowing?? My BFF ah?? Ahahahhaha I will tell her coz she sure bery happy one.. kwa kwa..!

anony: Hi hi! Yes loooooor..*nods nods!* My own lashes oso come out when I peel my fake lashes off! The trick is to do it slowly and gently. Coz u are not supposed to use any oil near the lashes or else u can reuse them again.

S: Hi babe! I signed the CRYSTAL CLEAR FACIAL (Its the most basic one) package coz Im quite blessed to have relatively problem-free skin so I only need monthly maintainance.
My girlfriend who went there got recommended another package due to the needs of her skin.
So I guess its different for each person.
I paid $625 for 6 sessions of the CRYSTAL CLEAR facial.

anon: Thank u! I bought it from a boutique selling gowns in Vivocity. I cant remember the name now off-hand but I do know that its at Level One in Vivocity. They specialise in evening gowns and dresses. My dress cost around $899. Hths! :D

geraldine: Im so sorry babe! I should have emphasized that u must enter the code in CAPITAL LETTERS like wat Mich has replied on my behalf. My apologises again! :)

Mich: Thanks for answering sweetie! *hug*

anony: Hello! Do u mean my HAIR salon? Wahahha coz I bery vain, got facial salon, got massage salon, nail salon and lastly hair salon.. :p
I go to TWISTER AT HOUGANG MALL and my hairstylist is my BFF Wendy Lau.
However I do have my regular salons where I blow my hair and its Jean Yip at Parkway, or this ulu salon which I cant remember the name at Lucky Plaza level 2.

Will be back soon with pictures from the wedding..!
Take care all.

I hope Jungle Boy bring me go eat ice-cream today!
Ooops! :x There goes my diet..! kwa kwa.... :(

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