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Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Pretty Bimbotic Post.. BOOMZ!

Please pardon my super act-cute pictures arh!
Bo bian, new camera so keep taking self-portraits.

My head keep tilting the same way.. see already also buey tahan myself.

My fringe is getting longer, maybe I'll cut it next week before my mummy's birthday.
Am going to bring my parents out for dinner and Im going to buy my favourite durian cakeeee!
Machiam my birthday..

But seriously.. my birthday coming you noe???

Was mass sms-ing the BFFs and I told them exact same thing.. and...
- everybody ignore me.
Told u they reeally BFF.

Pictures from our dinner and kopi session!

Love BFF Miko dress!
Look so sweet on her.

Had dinner in Marina Square and the service was lackluster to say the least.
Frankly, I dun expect intense enthusiasm from wait staff at all, - but to forget my order while standing BEHIND our table talking in a group of four is not funny.

It simply means you dun even bother, lor.
And then it was repeated topping up of lukewarm (!!) green tea and the table next to us had a wrong order or something coz we heard some commotion.

All these happened while there were barely 5 tables filled in the bloody restaurant.

Now I know why.

Its quite sad really, if foreign workers dun have proper training before being in frontline service.
I dun discriminate foreign workers, but if u come all the way here to work u might as work properly, no?

No names will be mentioned.. But if u ask, I will tell.

Not the happiest when I am hungriest.

Then we trooped down to AMK to meet the other BFF.

Can see her sam seng face in the picture?
I think she was trying to imitate someone.. chainsmoking!

I think we were all laughing with tears in our eyes coz it was so hilarious.
I dunno why my friends are so bitchy when Im so innocent.
*act cute*

Jungle Boy is coming back tomorrow!
Yippeeee.. it means I am going to have Macdonald supper soon!

Been craving it for days, but no fun to eat alone coz I like to steal his french fries.

Off to pilates tomorrow!
Maybe I shall go for a quick pedicure to redo my paint job.
Love neutral shades.. they remind me of the sand and holidayssss..!

God knows I need one soon!
Take care all.
God bless.


My head spoilt.

Just want to tell everyone that my BFF name is REIS LOW! :D

She's trying to find a hole to hide during this BOOMZ frenzy... but we keep making fun of her.
So I think she is going to un-friend us soon in Facebook.

Edited to add:

At the insistence of the other evil BFF (Actually she say once only..) this photo was added to this post!

Dieeee.. think reis low really dun wan to be our BFF anymore after this.

Sweet dreams everyone!
Love love.

Told ya this is a bimbotic post.

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