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Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is a mish mash post becoz there are so many pictures Im not even half done consolidating everything!
And then next week its going to be a flurry of activities where I'll be heading for BFF's ROM then flying off to my secret holiday destination on the very same day!

Its a secret Im keeping becoz its the first time Im heading there so Im very, very excited!!!I love exploring new places, seeing new people, eating their food and looking at how the locals live.

But its going to be a short stay becoz Jungle Boy could hardly pull himself away from work.
Nevertheless, I am very very happy to be able to spend some time with him.
Away from everything and everyone.
Just the two of us.

First up..!
Pics from like 2 weeks ago.
When the BFFs met up for New York, New York.

And then I went to work.

My evil BFF calls my lashes 'drag queen' lashes.

Stayed two nights in HongKong on the way back.
I was so excited becoz I got to finally meet up with my dearest schoolmates from so long ago!
We had a great night eating at the roadside stall (totally L.O.V.E!) and then adjourning for dessert, ala HongKong style.

Hi Flo!
R u seeing this?

I miss them already!
When will I see them again, I wonder.

I love eating dim sum in HongKong!
It is somewhere I can go around freely and shop til my legs break.
I remember going there for holiday with BFF this year and HongKong made me think of her.

Sometimes I dream of going away.
I dream of setting up a new life away from here and doing things that I would never imagine.
Hows setting up a stall in the flea market and selling little trinkets to absolute strangers?
Or having a small bakery selling pies to customers in the cold winter?

I dreamt of it all.
So I absolutely admire people who will walk away and leave home to pursuit their dreams.
How do u leave the people u love behind?
How do u sleep alone knowing that ur family is a far, far plane ride away?

I think I cant.

But it doesnt mean I cant dream.

"“Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them."
-Sex and the City.

Back soon with an exciting new post on a blogshop!
Stay tuned.

Keep on dreaming, too.


Hi guys!
Here's a short skin ritual (for body) that I've been keeping.

Becoz I have very dry skin, moisturisers are usually not enough to keep my skin supple especially when Im almost in air-con areas 24/7.
So every night before I go to bed, I use olive oil after my shower before smothering myself in moisturiser.

I like Ginvera Green Tea series becoz they smell great.
U can get it from any pharmacy, supermarket or Watson stores.
They cost alittle less than 6 bucks for 150ml.

I emphasize on my knees, elbows and the heels of my feet.
To which I would wear socks before I go to sleep.

I know it sounds extremely weird, but trust me its extremely effective to combat dryness.
Try it tonight!

You need:

-Olive Oil
-A Pair of Socks

This method also keeps ur nail cuticles healthy and supple.
Have fun!

Tip: Apply to lips for smooth kissable lips in the morning!

Ok bye bye.

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