Leaving on a Big plane

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hi guys!
I have a pile of clothes on the bed and I'm not even done folding them.
*cough pretending to be a good housewife cough*

Then I have some packing to do coz I need to go work tomorrow morning and its no fun trying to remember to put everything in a suitcase I tell u.

But anyways..!
I ought to do some Christmas shopping soon too!

The BFFs are having a post-Xmas gift exchange this year becoz everyone is so busy especially the pregnant one.

Its difficult trying to get 4 busy girls together! But I appreciate how everyone makes little sleep sacrifice to meet up on weekdays becoz its the only time we can get together and catch up.

Then this year Jungle family and my family are having Christmas dinner together by having a BBQ!
Cant wait.. I love family gatherings.

Speaking of love.. it was my BFF's ROM last month u noe?
The lovely couple.

We love her very much!

My pretty BFF and her hubby.

The ceremony and exchanging of vows.
There were so many cameras going off it felt like paparazzi in the room!

Us together.

My blessed friends in holy matrimony.

Holding their marriage certificate.
My BFF is officially a MRS now u noe!

We adjourned to Fort Canning for pictures.

I love this picture!
Jungle Boy took one.. u noe?

It was so much fun taking pictures there!
But there were no flower throwing becoz I was the ONLY eligible bachelorette there!
< See previous previous post... >

But everyone has in a cheerful mood as love was in the air.
Seeing my BFF happy makes us all happy too!

We then adjourned to have lunch.
Two tables in Imperial Nan Bei's private room with only the couple's family and closest friends.

The food was great and we had a great time laughing and eating during lunch.

Some candid shots.

The pretty bride.
She looked glowly, eh?
Mei mei orh...

Then towards the ending of the lunch... my BFFs had a BIGGGGGGGGG surprise for me!!!
A birthday cake for me..!

I am so so blessed.

U cant imagine how shocked I was becoz although it was my birthday I had never expected my BFF to be so selfless in sharing her very special day with me.
It was supposed to be HER day, but yet she and the BFFs could plan such a surprise for me.. and I was so overwhelmed, I wanted to cry!

Kudos to the other two BFFs who had devilishly disappeared before the lunch to buy the cake.
And when I called to ask about their whereabouts.. they told me that pregnant BFF had to do Number 2 in the toilet, hence the delay!

Smart lor... I was totally clueless I tell u.

Thank you all for sharing that very very special day with me.
I love u all very much (although u guys are evil BFFs most of the days).. my lovely girls.

May the couple live happily after in marital bliss.
We love u and will always be there for you BFF Miko.

Then Jungle Boy and me had a flight to catch!
We rushed home, grabbed our passports and headed for the airport with no time to spare.
Flew to BKK with the boyfriend and spent a night there before a 3 hour car ride to Hua Hin.

But not before receiving a small surprise from the love of my life waiting in the hotel.
Huge-ass bouquet of flowers pre-arranged by Jungle Boy n the hotel when I stepped into the room!

It was an absolute sweet end to such a wonderful day.

Thank u all for sharing my joy.
I wish everybody to be happy and healthy always.

Have a blessed week ahead, everyone.


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