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Friday, February 05, 2010

Hi everyoneeee!
Omg the weekend is coming and then its CHINESE NEW YEAR alreeeeeeeady!
Yippeeeee so happy lor can eat and eat and eat until I feel sick.
Pineapple tarts..Love letters..Fanta Orange.. yums!

Thats why I've been religously yoga-ing every other morning!
Kick ass moves, - so contented after class.
Happy happy.

But then I have so many reasons to be happy today.
Firstly, Jungle Boy will be touching down in approximately 12 mins time and we get to spend the the weekend together!
And then I look at my previous work trips to Down Under and I smile.

When I was in Adelaide for a little while.

Yes.. I went marketing!
Kinda, sort of I guess.

Absolutely love the yogurt there.
I likeeee adding mango to my choice of yogurt!

And then everybody's great love..

Heehee, betcha everyone gonna eat many this year!
CNY cum Valentine's Day mah..

On monday (I think), I went for a swim after Pilates!
Love my gold Havaianas, accompanied by amazing blue skies.

< Interrupted by Jungle Boy who wans me to go to the airport to be his!>

Ok back.

Yesterday I had such a blast with my favourite girls!
Known them for years now!
OMG I feel like an old woman.

What do u get when u put FOUR married women and TWO pregnant ones together???
And lots of it.

I love babies!
I can foresee myself going mad buying baby clothes and toys for everybody's babies!
BFF going to give birth anytime now.. Mag's due in March and Karen's end of the year.. oh my, celebrations all year round.

HAHAHA Im the only unmarried one left in the group!
But Im glad becoz u dunno how much I get to learn from these 'been there, done there' girl friends of mine.

Boyfriends may come and go, but its crazy friends like these whom u will treasure forever.

Trying to take a proper picture after a night of non-stop chatter and endless laughs.

Got it finally!

Love u all my precious darling girls!
Many kisses and hugs to our lovely babies, Auntie Elaine cant wait for u all to come out..
Babies are such, such blessings to us, duncha think.

Eagerly waiting for my Godson Kayden Neo to come during CNY period!
Such double blessings this year for my BFF and family.
She better start eating all the bak kwa now before she deliver and then its all black vinegar this, and pig totters that.. HA!

This was a typical sms conversation that we had last week.

BFF Wen: "Eh I saw < insert name here > leh! Really very short and fat can?"
Me: "You also short and fat wat."
BFF Wen: "Hello.. I is short and PREGNANT okieee!"

Heehee and u wonder why we love each other so much.

Talking about love.. hows my new hp that my darling Lyana sold me??
Hahaha she won it in the MacDonald's lucky draw and she didnt wan it so typical me immediately grabbed it!
Oooohhhh.. absolutely cute to look at isnt it!

Who say no good to eat MacDonald ah?

Okieeee bye everyone~
My eyes are closing, so tired from waking up early for work.
Met many angels today and I am very very thankful for them.
I feel so blessed and thats all becoz of the lovely people around me.

Take care all, quite incoherent already.
God bless.


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Fashion Euphoria
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Fashion Euphoria

Ok, here's me sibey *puke* act cute in front of the Bugis SooKee tree.
Sorry arhhhhhh!

Byeeeee all!
Love love.

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