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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi everyone~ !!!
Thank u all for the concern.. Im very safe and warm, dun worry.

Flights have been crazily cancelled every minute, and the airports open and close without warning.
Now we are just waiting and waiting and no one knows for sure when are we able to take off.
I think my tuesday dinner with the BFFs have to be postponed, and even my second fitting for the dress I need to wear for Jason's upcoming wedding have to wait.

But its ok!
Im glad to have some (it comes and goes) internet and then Jungle Boy's on MSN with me the whole morning.
I miss him terribly and Im pretty sure he's going to sneakily call Macdelivery in the meantime.

I'll be back real soon.
Sorry to keep everyone waiting.

*Fingers cross*

Pray for me, loves.


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