Off to work I go!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh dear...!
Im so so sorry dearest Tammy! I must have missed u out! :(
I would love to do a makeup post too in near future but I do have some requests for skincare too so Im wondering if I should do it all in one post.. or on its own!

I've added a poll at the side so please everyone kindly vote and I'll see how the results goes!
Appreciate all ur love so muacks everyone~

Off to work later so will be back only this weekend.
But I might have internet so I'll check in mid-week too.

And if the response is good I'll rush a tutorial out overseas :D
Nothing is impossible (unless I forget to pack my camera in again *sweat* ) and I'll try my very best, hokies?

Promise, promiser, promist-est!

Toodles sweethearts!
Please take care and drink more water - weather is so figgin' hot!



Tags to be replied soon!
I dun wanna miss anyone out again! :(

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