To Russia, With Love.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Harlowwwww everyone!
Im currently in Moscow, Russia and its sucha quiet day here.
Having an extremely expensive cuppuccino at the lobby (USD$10...!!!) but this is the only place for free WIFI.. and then I realised tenth floor also can tap wireless.

Hehehe but its ok la, once in a while must enjoy life.
I dunno how long I'll be doing this so I'll take it as it is.

Going out with some colleagues later for lunch! And ooooh.. I miss the pasta here.
The one thing I dun miss is the fact that u can smoke everywhere and the fellows behind me have been a chimney for the longest time.

The weather outside is great!
I went for a run just now at the gym, swam alittle and ending up in the sauna.
Things I noe I'll miss if I ever quit.

But life is so much more than work and with me getting older - I REALLY need to find myself.

I decide on doing this for alittle while more and then maybe when things gets alittle easier, Jungle Boy and I will make things formal.

I noe everyone's asking when's the big day coming.. but with his ever increasing workload - its hard trying to plan something.
The house's ready at the end of june and Im praying that everything would work out smooth.

Its a hugeeee secret that I've kept (apart from close friends) so Im really psyched up now.
We've been looking for furniture but our room's really smaaaall.. so we cant put in much.
And everything is built-in now so all we have to do is to get a BED!
And maybe a sofa to place outside.

I have so many ideas running through my head now - but only when its done up fully then maybe we'll go take a look at what to buy.

Til then, take care everyone~
God bless.

Time for lunch!
Will check in soon.



jace: Thanks for replying for me! But the ones I got in the US are alittle different from the ones sold here.. Im not so sure why thou.

yoz: I use this brand called TREsemme. (Bought in States)

girl: Thanks alot babe.. :)

jackie: I dunno how.. except to sleep more and use a really good eye cream. I love la mer eye concentrate.. But a GREAT concealor helps a deal too! :D

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  1. Congrats on your new house with your Jungle Boy in June :) Happy for you.

    Will I be invited to your big day? Hehe. Just kidding. I'm planning for mine now and you really need to set aside time to discuss things through.

    I hope i'll hear about your good news. All the best :)

    Meanwhile, enjoy life first.

  2. I've decided to continue here from the tag coz as usual, I'm quite long-winded nd the space in tag is never quite enuff.

    I really agree with you about life is more than just working and that there is a need to find yourself. I recently had this epiphany too and have been starting to remodel my life. Work can always come later! I hope you find yourself too coz losing yourself is one of the greatest fear one could ever have.

    Hope to see yor wedding prep process! I'm a sucker for such pretty and happy stuff.


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