I cease to dream on some days.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

With all the madness evolving the inaugural move-in, Im pleased to say that things are settling down pretty well and even through all the late night screaming (just not the kind u are thinking of.), hair-pulling and attempted neck twisting of my better half aka: Jungle Boy - we survived it all.

The key word now is - Patience.

Man.. I (try to) cease to remember the number of times I have the urge to kick Jungle Boy.

Haha but it weirdly seems normal amongst my been there, done there friends and I am eternally grateful to people who lent me a listening ear, gave me utmost invaluable advice on floor mopping and window cleaning.. or those who simply told me to shut the **** up and quit whining.

But then this the just the tip of the iceberg.

We are still waiting/lacking/planning for the sofa, the dining table, INTERNET, and vomit-inducing varnish smell to go off - around the whole house.

Gratefully (and thanks to yours truly) we have SCV so nights are spent sitting on the floor or recently, our old old chairs which we brought in to use in the living room.

But regretfully the internet is not up yet, so I can only come online overseas.
Thank u all for ur love, I can feel them still.

Advertorials/Blog posts/Pictures will be up soon, I dun even have time to take a shower on some days!
But then again - this is the real life.

Love y'all.
Take care.


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