Time for a change.

Friday, August 20, 2010

To everyone, sorry for the late reply but yes sometimes i get so caught up with everything i cease to reply emails and tags!
But dun worry, with my trusty new toy... I can do everything even while im at the salon!
(Heeheeehe... Like now.)

So i concur that i have been hiding in a cave somewhere the whole of this time becoz why nobody tell me cooking mama so fun oneeee??
Everyday i play childish online games u noe!

And i just downloaded tamagochi.. Bery cuteness max.

Tags replied!

I dunno where to start becoz there are so many n im pretty much going blind at this moment...
But here goes!

Ababa: Thank u babe! Would u believe that im very into natural eyelashes now as opposed to my drama ah kua ones in the past?
Should post pics soon! I think ppl go thru phrases of looks at times n sometimes change might be good.

Hello kitty: hello hello kitty! Ok.. Cold joke.. :p
Its not a brightening kit.. Its a eyebrow Hightlighting kit! Haha ya but it looks like brightening in the pic!! Its just makeup.. Eyeshadown to hightlight the eyelid, n eyebrow shadow to fill brows. Was on sale. :D

BB: i always buy NARS lipgloss, blushers and glitter powder. Will do a tutorial soon!

Tiffany: hello girl!! My fav base is still chanel althou i use cle de peau now! I think chanel does great foundation for all skin types. SKII is surprisely good too.
A great primer is very impt and i love those from laura mercier n smashbox.
U have to get them from Sephora thou.

Agnes: heloo! Good luck in getting ur birkin and yesh i have heard people buying it from paris off the shelf although it might not be what they are looking for.
Its only shown to customers who have a rapport with the SA, eg. By burning some cash on other H items etc scarves, wallets, jewellery. - OR if someone rejects it, then u can find it on the shelf.
But different places have slighly varying practises, and customers in Singapore can definately attest to that.

V: thank u! No only clear lens are allowed at work.

Ai mei: ooooh love ur name! Hehehe! I use many kinds coz they finish so quickly! But my fav is the biore series that u can find in watsons easily n cheaply too.
I like the white n pink ones.

Emme: ive replied u in email:)

Tiff: i like to use my smashbox primer or sunblock with mineral makeup on lazy days.

Ros: thank u so much babe! U are so sweet.. :D

Silver: hi hi dearie!!how r u?? How is enzo? Do post his pics soon! I miss the handsome boy! Take care sweets..!

****: eh why u so liddat?? U dun like silver, i give u gold?? :p

Midori: helloooo dearie! How r u? I buy my la mer from airport, no discount or anything, but save on gst.

Bikegal81: ive replied u. :)

Tiffi: yes yes babyyyy! This post is specially for u!!! Xoxoxo kisses n hugs sayang!

Ok bye folks!
This was typed at the hair salon and now im home sitting in the living room, next to a cuppa tea.
Going to enjoy my mid-day soap opera on scv 855 before heading to church n then a short session at The Guild House with Jungle Boy and some close friends.

I am invited not because i drink...
- Coz i am AHMAND..!

He drink, i drive.
I drink.. He ask me take taxiiiiii...!
Enjoy ur weekend, i'll be away at work for a week.

Til then,

Much love, hugs n kisses.

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