FP Babies, Wedding and A Piece of Good News.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hellooooo everyone!
Dun scold me lah, I reeeeeally ish very the busy wor.

So many things to do within a precious timeframe - then yesh.. looking at bags everyday also.
(To you girls in TPF.. bigggg HI!!!)

More on that later.
Okies, so last week we met up for a small cosy dinner (Macdelivery) at Mummy Karen's house becoz she cant really go out with baby Colette yet.. so we all went over!

See - U cannot avoid us one.. we will go to your house!!
Magmag are u listening??

My pretty bride-to-be BFF when we went for a super fast dinner coz we were starving.

Her photo-skills not as good as mine hor, hehe.

Then we went over to Whampoa.
We got Karen a small present!

Heart-shaped snowskin gelato! Cuteness max.

I went home and saw this picture... *sweat*
Apparently we ALL are cam-whores.

Then we tiptoe into the room to look at our beloved Fp baby..

Colette soooo cute! She sleeps with her little butt in the air..

Then after that, Macdonald man came ringing the bell.

And everyday we say we want to go on a DIET..

My two 38 friends veryyyyy engrossed in GOSSIPPING!

I just take and take pictures.. nobody care about me!
Then mummy Karen also join in!!! :p

If u are hungry at night...

They still talking loooor...

Then Lyana took revenge...

Maybe we were laughing too loudly.. or maybe baby Colette wanted to join in the fun - coz she woke up!

She looks deep in thought here!

BFF Miko gives us our 'red bomb'.. so nice!
She had someone specially to draw and design their wedding invitations.

Nice right? I love it! Very unique.
Cam-whoring with our dessert present.

All of us just want to take picture only.

Another shot of baby Colette when she is done with her milk.

Then we continued with our nonsense..
LOL! This picture is super funny ~ Lyana and me were like saying "NO PICTURES!" to paparazzi (BFF Miko)

And lastly, if u cant beat them - Join them.

I love spending time with my girlfriends: we have known each other for 8,9 years already?
And we've remained firm friends through boyfriends, weddings and now.. babies.

It is so scary thinking about how fast time flies and while I am happy for them, I realise I have alot of catching up to do!

While I try to keep some of my life private, (which I know it is nearly quite impossible.)
There are some things I can never say or post.

Its extremely difficult trying to maintain a perfect balance of everything but this blog is ultimately about myself and I should stop trying to please everyone.
Detractors included.

Each post is posted with much thought and sometimes I find myself going through words or sentences in order not to pass off sounding boastful or plain ignorant.

But sometimes it gets too hard.

Whatever I say or do, there will always be people who takes it out of context - or takes it the wrong way so I cant really do anything about that I guess.

My friends tell me its becoz I have a blessed life but then.. I think EVERYONE here has a blessed life!
People oughta thank their lucky stars for a stable roof over their head, and constant food on their table.
And dun go around comparing what they have or dun have.

Then u can have the world and still NOT be happy.

I wish for happiness, peace and everyone to be healthy always.
Take care all.


Yes, Jungle Boy proposed to me on the 1st Oct, and we are currently planning a wedding now.
Thank you dear friends for your well-wishes. We are eternally grateful.


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