French Lunch at Funan

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes I enjoy going for a quiet lunch with Jungle Boy.

We like exploring new places, it doesnt have to be terribly expensive - all we want is to experience good food.
And spread the word, hehe.

How typical Singaporean.

Food is a very important part of our lives, when we are sad we eat - happy also eat.
But like I've mentioned it before : Food tastes best when shared.

Last week, we went to a quaint little bistro cum wine shop.

I like looking at rows and rows of wines.

Dressed-down weekends means wearing my new dress from VENUSITY! (click here!)

I love the prints!

I wore it with a denim jacket.
Gorgeously casual chic.

Wines on a side table.

Cute french chef pictures depicted the charm of the place.

What we ordered that day.

I love escargots! They were baked to perfection.

I like spicy so I chose to have the Arrabiata spaghetti.
With lotsa cheese...!!!

Actually I was rolling my eyes at him.

But it was fabulous, being alone away from the world - just the two of us.
We have quite abit of discussing to do, the wedding, the avenue, photoshots and all.
Its absolutely exciting, yet quite a chore to the lazy me.

Reading up on wedding materials, corresponding to hotel representatives and just thinking about the gown puts me to sleep!
So many things so little time.

But then again, its a bigger step towards to the future: just the two of us.
And even if it puts me to sleep, oh what a lovely dream it will be.

Thank you everyone for the lovely tags, I am extremely thankful for all encouragement and well-wishes.


Off for some coffee, a hair wash at the salon and a parcel in the post office!
Love ya all.

Take care!


Special Mention and with heartfelt thanks to VENUSITY!
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Here's one that I found to be reeeeeally cute! Love the ribbons at the back!

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Bye all!
Catch u soon.

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