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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello everyone!
How is ur week so far?
I had a blast last weekend with my mummy - we went shopping and even to a museum! It was so fun, I relish every moment with mummy dearest.

We did lunch with his parents first.

My favourite roasted pork and fried carrot cake!

Thank you dearest MelroseMedley for the sweet pink chiffon dress!
More on that, later!

After lunch and a short walk around Vivocity, my mummy had an impromptu idea to go to 39 Armenian Street!
Guess where?

The Peranakan Museum!

We just wanted to buy some stuff from True Blue, but decided - hey, let's just take a walk in!
And so we did.

But we went shopping first!

It is $6 for adults, half-priced for children and senior citizens.

They give these really cute coloured paper for vistors to stamp on while they walk along the museum.

I feel like its a school excursion!
It brings me back to when I was younger - I loved trips to the library, the science centre and of coz, my love for museums have never ceased.
Til today, I go to museums all over the world becoz I am totally curious to know the past and how people lived then.

It is simply amazing.

These are antique 'si dian jing' wedding items!

And I saw some very intricate kebayas.

There was a 'Singer' brand sewing machine!
I used to see them around my grandparent's place.

The security guards were very kind! Although there is a no photo-taking policy, they choose to turn a blind eye and let us cam-whore!

Traditional kasut menek (Traditional beaded shoes)!

When u pick up these telephones, u can hear people taking!

The conversations were from the past, like how my auntie would call my mother and gossip non-stop in the afternoons when the husbands were at work and the kids are doing homework.
Those were days before handphones and sms-es and emails, and those were very precious times indeed.
Now with the internet and fast-paced lifestyle, I doubt anyone would call me at my house phone just to 'chat' - not that we have the time to sit down and talk anyway! Haha.

A kitchen in the olden days.

Traditional chinaware.

I had a really good time there!
It was pretty nice getting to know some new information, and then there were plenty of familiar items and pretty kebayas to look at.
But importantly, it was wonderful knowing that my mummy had a great time reminiscing about the past.

The night ended with beer and fish & chips at Charlie's Corner in Changi Village and then some more.

Thank you all for looking!
Have a loveeeely week ahead dear all~

Special Thanks once again to MelroseMedley for my pink rose dress!

With nothing over $28/- mailed - all readers are entitled to a 10% discount simply by quoting 'ELAINE73' in their orders!
Expect sweet chiffon dresses perfect for walks in the parks, to asymmetrical drape dresses fit for a Greek goddess!
So take a look if u also feel like shopping!
(Like me!)

Melrose Medley
Melrose Medley
Melrose Medley

Bye all!

citrella: Thank u dear! I am excited about my wedding kebaya too! I really hope it will look great becoz I intend to keep it as an heirloom piece! :D

isolaparadise: Ure welcome dear! I hope u liked the advert. And yes.. it is a very precious kerongsang to me and something I would never thought I would wear until this wedding! So yes! Its doubly exciting and wonderful! :):)

Gwen: Thank u dear! I think Im actually quite stressed on some days! So I dun think its 'love' ahahhaah! :p

Tiffi: Ure welcome dear! I would really make some time to do a new makeup/skincare post dun u think! Esp with the new blogskin and all, some things have to be updated too, ya! Thanks for the inspiration! :D

angel: Thank u sweets! Its a cheap necklace from BKK actually! Its quite popular now, I saw some similar ones from Forever21 too! So take a look ya!

sunflower: Yeah! its a lovely quote! I love it too!!!! :p

jealousgirl: Hahahha no la! Work trip. :)

I.tulips: Thanks dear! If u are looking for something really romantic, try OysterBar at Customs House! Have a glass of champagne, eat some oysters and sit by the bay at night.. we do like to go there sometimes to get away from the more 'common' places! Try it! :D

Ok bye guyssss... I need to go sleep!
Night night!

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