Between Kata Noi & Heaven.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hello everyone!
Admittedly I've been rather busy these days - with work, catching up with friends and then its the late night TV programs!

Absolutely love love love the current local 9pm show on Ch8 now!

I mean, all those run-ins with the in-laws are bound to happen, dun they.
But the mother-in-law character I want to bash.
Sometimes cannot eat dinner at home no need to show black face wat!

And then Cynthia Koh plays the role of the evil sister-in-law so convincingly, Im almost glad I dun have any.
I really applaud the scriptwriters though, coz everyone in the family is glued to watching the show!

Last weekend was spent in Phuket.
A warm flowerly welcome.

The lobby has an old antique library deco.

I look so serious here, but u wun believe what the title of the book is!
Its "50 things to do in a hotel room that wouldnt get you ARRESTED.".. hahha!
And it includes playing origami with ur face towel, hee.

And then, heaven.

Its a one bedroom villa with a view-to-die-for.
I just wish Im living there!

Walking in to the our room.

Sofa and TV area, with a dressing table and the same view - overlooking the sea and private pool.

Aiyo I can go weak in the knees all over again.

The bathroom.

Club sandwich.

But I was busy watching the Royal Wedding!
I xoxoxoxo my Hello Kitty!

When it was quite over, we went exploring!

The resort is situated near the Kata Noi beach, so we were able to walk down and stand perched on the rocks - right above the waves.

And then we decided to talk a walk on the beach.


Take care everyone!
Hope u had a great long weekend~..!


Peace out.
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