Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hi guys!
I hoped u enjoyed the makeup & hair post previously! Its actually a very simple one, nothing fancy or in-depth, coz makeup should always be fun and not technical.
Do wat u think suits u best and adjust accordingly.

Am in Tokyo at the moment!
Situation is back to normal - except that the country is on energy saving mode and some buildings are dark, shopping centers dun switch on all the air-con, and hotels tell u to save toilet paper.

Will be back soon!
Im pretty homesick, missing all my girls & local food.

But on a hindsight, Im deeply inspired by all the summer fashion I've seen so far!
Maxi dresses, turquoise jewellery, silver cuffs, retro headbands and the 70s hippie looks : I love them all.

I also gotten my hands on the exclusive NAKED palette by Urban Decay!
Its a fabulous mix of neutral hues - perfect for a smoky look or when u need some colour to enhance ur nude look.

Cant wait.. !
Take care everyone - hope u guys have fun during the week, cya!

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