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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello everyone!
Im trying to do a quick little post but looking at the amount of pictures I have..
its nearly impossible!

Here's my trip to Milan.. a place close to my heart - coz I had so many wonderful memories & times with great people.

A table full of (ex)colleagues.

Sans makeup!

Aiyooooo the pizza was so yummilicous!

And my individual special order!
Arabiatta spaghetti with vongole and porcini!

Posing with water cooler!
Its so cute when little doggies walk pass and drink on spot!

My breakfast!
Crepes with blueberries & nutella inside.. keke.

We went Duomo....

I loveeee this pic!

Where all the big brands are.

It was a really hot summer day so after doing some walking around and some shopping, we were really x100 burning and dehydrated!
So what better than to cool off the heat with an ice cold (large) beer?

My teetotalers!
Coke also good choice, hor!

But it was really a fun day out, talking nonsense and telling jokes.
We laughed so much it's so cute thinking back on how we imitated Italians speaking.

Day 2

Duomo again!!!
But this time, with my girlies... miss them so much!!

With girls, its so fun!
We camwhore everywhere~ even in the Prada shop..!

And outside Rene Caovilla!
Sad max... coz they were not opened!

And in Chanel!

Sales Assistant happily took picture with me!
She's soooo cute! N tanned.. typical Italian girl!

And then it continued to Balanciaga...
Be warned.

We anyhow grabbed one bag and pose with the hugeee mirror!

Then my super funny girlfriend go and take the luggage bag and POSE!!!

Sekali kena scolded by Balanciaga ppl.. so sad.

So we went for hi-tea to cheer ourselves up!

Cova Pasticceria!

They have one at Paragon too!

We ordered the hi-tea set for 3!

The sandwiches and cakes were sooooo dainty.. we almost couldnt bear to eat it!

We sat there for about 2-3 hours?
Hahha, just talking about life, kids and wat-not. It was so nice and all of us agreed that it was 30 euros (per person!) well-spent.

Ok got to go!
I have new pictures to collage so hopefully I'll try to post tmr!

Hope u guys enjoyed ur weekend~
Take care!

Back soon to reply tags!

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