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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hellooooo everyone!
Its Thursday already and I was so busy this week after my trip to HK/Macau!
And before I know it.. tomorrow is my Malacca pre-wedding photo trip!

I pray for good weather.. coz its so tricky here in Singapore!
One minute rain, one minute hot, one minute no sun, but everyday still hot like furnace lor!

Anyways.. talking about HOT... HongKong was sooooo hot!

We chose to stay one night in HK before we took a ferry to Macau.
But one night is NOT ENOUGH!
I can stay there and eat everyday.. ~

Soon we reached Kowloon and into our hotel!

We stayed at W.

Love their whimsical design!
They had butterflies on the walls and similar motifs on the bathroom mirror.

I had to change into more comfortable clothes becoz it was blazing outside.
And I brought my new bag to Hk ... The Annie CrossBody Bag by MissyLemon!

Its so easy to use - I can sling it, crossover, or shorten the straps and carry it!

Having fun with the lift lobby!

Feeling alittle peckish, we went for some dimsum first!

Have to order roast pigeon!

On the way to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Crowded dao~

But I have always loved the city of HongKong.. it reminds me of New York.
Cosmopolitan, full of energy, lights and people.
And equally dirty.

Street delights!

Looking the hugeeee Si Dian Jing!
Omg the dragons.. phoenixes.. mind-boggling and extremely dazzling.

Went into The One for some respite due to the unbearable heat!!!

Hair messy like dunno wat.

Love this candid photo.

Soon it was time for DINNER!

Highly recommended by our HK friend.. we made a reservation for a table of 4 at 8pm but was shocked by the amount of diners waiting for a table!

Turns out, they dun take reservations per se - except to jot down ur name and give u priority over people who dun call beforehand.
And we waited for 45 mins.

We finally got a table and when the food came.. we could see why!

I loveeee this Clams in Both dish!

We were so full at the end of the dinner.. and can u imagine there were people still waiting for a table at 10pm???

Hing Kee Restaurant
1/F, Bowa House
180 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
T: +852 2722 0022
Hours: 6pm – 5am

After dinner...

Lured by a delicious smell..

And another queue!

Thanks everyone!
Im rushing out at the moment, have errands to run before the shoot tomorrow so I will be replying tags when I come back!

Take care and have a great weekend!


Special Thanks and Love to MissyLemon for my lovely bag!
Its so cute and perfect for tours becoz it was slung close to me and I could keep an eye on my things even when I was busy shopping!

If u like what u see - simply quote "ELAINE" for $2 off ALL items !!!
*except backorders.

And do remember to LIKE them in facebook page now! All FB fans have special privilege, details will be announced in a while.. !


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