My First KIRA Experience!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hello everyone!
Time flies when you are busy ~ I have been crazily busy tying ribbons and writing out addresses and mailing it all!
Whoever was the one who invented ribbons on wedding invitations must be one really free person!
Imagine doing a couple of hundreds.. I nearly lost my eyesight and hand coordination!

Last week I had some time to spare, so quickly I went to KIRA for some well-deserved pampering!

Makeup-free me.

The one I went was in Orchard Central, and they go by this name : Young & Slim.
(Thats what we all wanna be, hehe!)

Upon reaching level 3 in Orchard Central, you might see mega furniture store Molecule.
Dun be confused, there are more shops ahead.
Turn right and walk straight ahead when you see this sign.

Products on Display.

Young & Slim cosy corner.

Consultant Room.

Upon entering, the friendly staff knew who I was and had very kindly offered me tea before my therapist showed me to my room.

Walking into my individual space.

My small but comfortable facial room.

My therapist had gently reminded me to use the washroom, not before introducing herself and telling me of the treatments that she is going to do on me that day.

Here's a quick summary of my tailored treatment on Sept 2.

  • Diamond Tone Treatment
  • Body Scrub (Concentrating on Areas for Slimming)
  • Santa Dome + 8 Probe + 0 Probe 

My Diamond Tone Treatment started off by cleansing my facial and using of the Diamond Tone Machine to purify and whiten my skin.

I could feel my therapist using swift motions all across my face and what really impressed me was that she even included my neck and collarbone area.
It's a place that most facials neglect!

And this is the after result.

She followed by doing extractions and trimming the eyebrows.
It was relatively painless, but I do have a high threshold for pain so this was quite a walk in the park for me.

After Extraction, my therapist did a firm face and neck/upper shoulder massage with essential oils and I felt so light - I almost fell asleep!

Soon it was time for Mask.

Did I scare u? Hehe!

And right after the Diamond Tone Treatment!
Smoother brighter skin!

My 2nd Step was to change rooms becoz I has requested to do a Body Scrub and the Santa Dome treatment.

For Scrub.

This was to prepare me for my Santa Dome Treatment, so my therapist targeted on my problem areas : Thighs and Upper Arms.

After the Scrub, I had the Collagen Treatment to firm and increase skin elasticity while providing hydration as well!

Lastly, it was time for my Santa Dome Treatment.
It is literally, a DOME!

My therapist is placing a 'belt' on me.

It works in harmony with the Santa Dome (the dome emits out HEAT) and while it was placed on me - THE BELT VIBRATES!!!
Increasing metabolism while burning fat and detox-ing.

Hopefully one day I will look like the figure in this poster.. hehehhe!

Thank you once again KIRA for the lovely treatment!
I hope to be in shape on my wedding day! :)

Here's me right after the treatment.
Decent enough!

Ok thanks for looking!
Will be back real soon.. having a 'great' time with the cards.. kekke!

Love y'all.
See ya!


With Makeup acouple of hours after!

Take care!
Here's a peek of our church and dinner invites.
Everything seems so surreal! I still cant believe the Big Day is so near!
3 weeks and counting! :D

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