Over the Weekend..

Friday, September 02, 2011

Hello everyone!
It was Hari Raya and I love public holidays!
I laze around, drink coffee and enjoy being at home.

So what did u do during last weekend?
Here's mine in a nutshell.

Saturday 27 Aug

We had to catch Jackyyyyy ... !!!

Best Singer of 1/2 century goes to Jackyyyy Cheung!!!

Really very very very the nice lor his old songs... !

He even did a tribute to Lydia Sum.
Which I found to be extremely sweet coz I admire her too!

And then.. his music ...


I had a ROLLING GOOD TIME at the concert!
Were you there too?

Sunday 28 Aug

It was bright and early with church practise (though usually we start in the afternoon.. ) so after church we headed down to Thomson Plaza!

Congratulations to KIRA on their Retail Outlet Grand Opening!

I love looking at flowers!

CEO Mr Kenny holding the mandarin oranges and red red huat banner.

Lion dance always reminds me of Chinese New Year, barbecued pork, red angpows and old Stephen Chow movies on TV! LOL!

Walking in ..

KIRA Retail Outlet in Thomson Plaza sells an array of products.
This is the one I was telling you previously!

And lastly.. do u see what I see?

And then I had a meeting with a little Princess.

Yes .. you!

We had a nice coffee break at Thomson before heading to Marina Square for some shopping!

Her mummy is choosing clothes for the Princess!

She needs to take a look at it herself before deciding...

You like it, Paige darling?
I guess its a YES, then! :D

Soon it was dinner time and off we went to The Esplanade for some Korean BBQ!

OMG look at the beef we had!

Abso-f-lutely GOOD.

Had to try some cold noodles, Korean style.

Yummyyyyy !!

Mummy loves Princess!
She's so cute and pretty - we love her very very much too!

Thanks for the dinner my dearest friends G & P.. !
See you guys real soon with Princess Paige.

Thanks for being patient dear all!
Been so busy running around with the wedding prep ~
Thankfully everything is still pretty on schedule except the drama with my invitation cards and there might be a slight delay in sending them out.

But Im trying not to stress over it - I guess sending them 2-3 weeks before the wedding might not be a bad thing afterall!
Hopefully people wouldnt forget to come, then!

"And I never ask what I'm doing the next day. I don't want to know what I'm doing tomorrow. It's much too overwhelming. So I just go day by day - without knowing."
- Jennifer Lopez

And thats exactly who I am.

Take care everyone!
Have fun during the weekend ~



Lin: Thank u dear Lin!!! Hope everything is well for u too! Keeping u in my prayers n take care! God bless! :)

terry: Hahahah oopsss I never realised my 'clevage' got so much attention from the girls here!! Hahaha! Great push-up u mean?? Hehehhehe! :p
I was using MAC blusher here, in Gingerly and Peaches.
Yes, Peaches for a hint of color and Gingerly for coutour.

teehee: LOL! Very very very embarrassed lor! ahahhahhahah!

mochaccinoland: Hahaha omg I am damm embarrassed laaa! :p

tua ney ney: -_________-
ahhahhahahah! No la! Push-up leh!!!! :p

EPO: No leh not glowly! Its the makeup!
But then I dun really drink (social) and I dun smoke so maybe it helps?
I try not to sleep too late but I usually clock 8 hrs everyday. Sometimes I sleep even more! 12-14 hrs no problem one! :p
And I dun usually wear eyeshadow... even when I do its very nude, mostly beige and browns.
The Naked palette is great! But I also really love my Natural Eye palette from Too Faced, its cheaper and just as GREAT!

elaine fan-si : R u seriously serious? Later u dunno anyone there leh! Lonely leh!

curious: She's still a friend. And u will see her soon coz she's attending my wedding!
But sometimes it is inevitable that friends will have their own things to do and drift away. Im sorry to hear that abt u n ur bestie but dun worry - I always believe that if u try to make an effort, she will reciprocate. Good luck!

fu: Yes and so am I. :)

moomoocow: Thank u so much dear!!! Xie xie ni!

reader: U are so smart!!! :):) Thank u dear! I was shocked too! :p
Praise the Lord! God bless u too sweets!!!

Yllas: LOL! Thank u thank u!!! But nobody else (besides u) will come leh!!! Hehehhehe!

elaine fan-si: Thank u too my dearest!! *hug* Please sprinkle some fairy dust so I can make baby soon!! Preferably as cute as my good friend one!! (Look above post)
ROFL!!! Kidding!!!

Florence: Firstly, Congrats!!! OMG i am sooo excited for u!!!
Hows everything??? Hope everything is soon-soon-li-li for u ok!!!
Yes.. every little things also stressed but I keep telling myself its ok, its ok - small matter only etc.. so makes it easier! Actually I dun wanna have disagreements with him or my family coz its supposed to be a happy occasion right? :)
And oh! Ivy dun cut hair le! She went to help her bf open some shop or something.
Sad hor!!! :(

angry bird: I just wan to say WAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA x100000!!!
I tell u, u are so famous now coz I told my frends and everybody laugh at ME!
Hahahahahah but please dun be angry - becoz I really look like thai ah gua leh!!! REALLY!!
And my BFF ask u which counter?? Dun tell her is Anna Sui coz she will laugh until she faint!!!!
(She is a manager in Anna Sui, btw.)

-lyne: Im excited too!!! Tmr I go KIRA for my first appt!!!! Facial plus scrub plus slimming!!!

Yixuan: Thank u my dear! How r u??? :D

joey: No glow leh! Stress wor!! :p
Its makeup I think.. hehehhehee! And his dad is an artist, as in painter artist! :D:D

jazzblue: Yes, O levels only. :)
Although I did complete a private diploma in Business Admin before I joined SQ.
But no difference leh! I dun think its recognized! :(

Jolene: Thanks dear!!! Actually to be frank I dun really know how the follower thing works!!! oooops! LOL! But I follow go and u oso k! ;)

BrasillA: Hi dear!!! Wah thank u! Hahhaha yes u are very smart... its a great push-up bra!!! :p
Its the Victoria Secret Miraculous Bra - its really amazing!

joey: Yes ..bingo!! :D

missykimchi: Hahahah no leh honeymoon not planned coz jungle boy is really busy with work recently so maybe we will go on short trips but no definite plans for a nice long honeymoon yet!!! :(

missy-silver: Hahahh old friend dun like that leh! My one still lose to u ok!!!! Hahhhahhaha!!!


Okie thanks and take care guys!
It was fun replying tags - I do think its kinda therapeutic answering them.

Looking at it makes me glad that this is a friendly place becoz there are so many haters out there in the blogsphere, it gets really scary sometimes.

At the end of the day , we are all just humans afterall.
There are no 'better' or 'glamorous' lifestyles - we are who we are.
We come with nothing in this world and one day we will leave with nothing.

My mantra in life is usually just to stay HAPPY becoz there are so many things going on -
You will never know what's going to happen next.
I tell the people I love how much exactly I love them becoz I never believe in living with regrets.

And if I were to live life all over again - I want to be able to say : "I'll re-do everything exactly the same I did it."

Keep on smiling.
God loves u.

Back real soon.

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