Taipei Night Markets

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hi hi everyone!
Hows the weekend coming along? :)
It was lovely attending the wedding celebration of my dear old friend Paul & Leticia!
I wish them marital bliss and happiness forever.

Alrighty! This is a short one to end Day 2 of my Taipei trip!
Well, not exactly Taipei coz if u saw the prev post : We went to Jiufen and Keelung!

This is the Kee lung Night Market in all its glory.

Keelung has one of the oldest and biggest Fish markets in Taiwan so it is not surprising to find an abundance of fresh seafood in the night market!
Look at this HUGE sotong!

Came across traditional Taiwanese opera!

Right smack in the middle of the night market!
Infront of a temple.

Cannot resist oyster omelette!!!!!

We walked around but not before sitting down a roadside seafood stall for dinner!

Jungle Boy, being the ever avid fisherman - tells me that the seafood is one of the freshest he have ever seen in a night market!!! 
It is def worth going back simply for the cheap and fresh seafood!!

This is the seafood version of Taiwanese fried chicken cutlet!

Coz.. u see!

Busy hawkers.

Family of three!

Then.. Back to the hotel to put our stuff down.
And off to Shilin (again!) we GO!

Eat and drink again???

Omgggg I die for smelly mala tofu!

We ended the night ...

Clubbing by the hotel's poolside?

Nah.. we opted for a simple night in.
Just us - Room service and a bottle of beer.
Sweet bliss.

Good night everyone! 
Off to watch some television and enjoy the night in with the husband.
Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend!
God bless all u lovely people.

Once again, Special Thanks to ClosetMatterz for my Pop Art Colour Top in White/Green!
Love ♥♥ the heart buttons!

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