Friendship Day

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last week I met up with my secondary school friends Mandy and Lover!
Mandy's in town for CNY so we decided to go have a girly day out - shopping and eating! :)

Mandy and Lover.

I brought them to my favourite Tampopo for ramen and udon!
We ordered so much food ~

Special Thanks to Global Citizen for my awesome RacerBack Dress!
I loveeee it so much I wore it twice in a week!

Friends since secondary school days!!!
Infact I was in the same class as Mandy all the way from Sec. 1 to Sec 4!
Now she's back to her native Hongkong so we only get to catch up when she is back or when I go over.

And then we did the predictable.


While queueing to go Chanel.. 

When we got tired .. its COFFEE TIME!

I think I over-bought ... going out with my girlfriends!!!!
Everything also nice! Everything also want to buy!!! :D
Had such fun catching up ...
See u gals real soon again xoxoxoxo

Lo-Hei with Friends!
Our church friends ZW and Ani invited the whole group for a simple home-cooked meal and lo-hei!

Preparing to shout prosperous sayings ...

Cant wait to start!

1,2,3 ... Here we go!

Huat arh everyone!!!!!

Sitting around chatting after dinner.

Still so much food left so everybody gets to tabao some home!

Expert tabao.

Not expert but pretend pretend only.

"Take this..."

"And this..."

"And wait.. there's more..."

Ooppsss kena caught on camera!

Thanks Mummy Ani for preparing all the wonderful food!
We had a great time bonding with everyone - it was heartwarming indeed.

Hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends!
Take care God bless.

Special Love and Thanks once again to Global Citizen for my easy to wear and perfect-for-hot-summer days RacerBack Dress!
I have it both in Grey and Cream color and its one of my staple clothes already!

All readers here could simply LIKE them on Facebook (here!) for COMPLIMENTARY POSTAGE!
You can check out my previous post on Global Citizen Here!

Here's both of the colours that I have! :)

Happy shopping!
p.s Any plans for Valentine's Day? :)))

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