Bangkok Day and Night

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hi guys!
Its the beginning of a brand new week again and Im still resting at home but thankfully Im feeling so much better now.
I wanted to do up my Bangkok pictures alittle first, before I forget all about it like my Bali pictures .. *haha*
You can find Part 1 (here) and Part 2 (here) if you're interested :)
So, continuing our journey from elephant riding - we headed for lunch at the ferry terminal.
We actually found this place from our Lonely Planet guide and it has a good mix of local and foreign customers so we decided to give it a try.
We headed to the 3rd floor where we had a bird's eye of the ferry terminal below!
Had to order our favourite cockles with kick-ass Thai chili!
Our seafood lunch..
the sea breeze was so strong!
A fishing boat.
Ferry terminal.
It costs about 3baht (15CENTS!) per trip.
Some hawkers peddling by the roadside. 

 We went back to the hotel soon after to rest and take a quick shower before meeting my buddy and her girlfriend Nan for dinner that night.
Totally cool place!
Its a typical roadside stall frequented by locals becoz the food is totally delicious!
Best meal by far in all our trips to Bangkok.
We went to a hidden gem of place around 5 mins away from taxi.
Its called Mao Deep and its a restaurant cum liveband cum shisha (aka Hookah, a waterpipe instrument for smoking tobacco)  bar that was filled with young, trendy locals having a great time.
It was rather huge, with both alfresco areas at levels 1 and 2.
We had a ball of time!
But... !
The night is still young so we headed back to the hotel for a nightcap before calling it a night!
Day 3 : Bangkok River Cruise

The previous day itinerary had us waking up at the ungodly hours of the day to go to the outskirts of Bangkok so we decided to sleep in the next day.
Watched the Grammys in the room, ecstatic how Adele won all the awards and had a leisure Italian lunch just opposite our hotel.
Off to take a walk at one of Bangkok's newest shopping centres - Terminal 21!
(Next to our hotel too!)
Love is in the air ~
Why dun they do shopping centers like Terminal 21 here?
It was huge and pretty and every level had a different theme!!!!
And even a prop Vespa for me to sit on.
Pardon the shopping.
There was a Japanese level, a British one, a Venetian one, a Middle-Eastern one and so on.....!!!

Huge London bus!
Went to have some ice-cream!
What a perfect way to cool us down on a hot Bangkok day!
However, our original plan is to go to the Chao Phraya River Cruise!
Took the BTS.
Here we are!
At the Chao Phraya River.
We settled for an hour's boat charter by one of the many tour stations there.
It cost us 2000baht ( S$82) which is really very expensive! But its clean and rather new, as compared to the old tourist boats that they have. Plus, we got the timings wrong so we missed the English languaged tour boat, the rest are local boats, as recognised from the yellow flags on the top of the boats.
The Chao Phraya is a major river in Thailand, with its low alluvial plain forming the centre of the country. 
It runs through Bangkok, the capital city, and then empties into the Gulf of Thailand.
The view.
This is soooo beautiful!
Do u know what temple this is? :)
Our boat.
The boats there are so colourful!
This tour actually takes us along the Chao Phraya River and back to our original pick-up point,
but so intrigued by the amazing Wat Arun temple along the way - we actually asked the driver to cut short the journey and drop us off there!
Wat Arun Rajwararam (Thai: วัดอรุณ, "Temple of the Dawn") is a Buddhist temple in the Bangkok Yai district of Bangkok, Thailand, on the Thonburi west bank of the Chao Phraya River.
The full name of the temple is Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan 
Named after Aruna, the Indian God of Dawn, the Wat Arun is considered one of the most well known of Thailand's many landmarks. 
Drawn on a novel by Japanese writer Yukio Mishima (The Temple of Dawn-The Sea of Fertility). 
The temple is so named because the first light of the morning reflects off the surface of the temple with pearly iridescence. 
The monastery has existed for many years since the days when Ayutthaya was capital of Thailand. 
At the time named Wat Mokok, situated in a place called Tumbol Bangmakok. 
The word Bangmakok, meaning " Village of Olive", has since been shortened to "Makok".
You have to be properly dressed to enter temple grounds.
For ladies, you usually have to wear sandals or shoes (no slippers) and have your shoulders covered.
You could get a sarong from the stalls if you are not in proper attire.

You can also find this temple at the back of a 10baht coin!
Some of my favourite pictures from the whole trip.
And then the sun began to set.
Thanks for dropping by, everyone.
Feeling much better this week - Picking up yoga from where I left off and will be back to reply tags and emails soon.
Take care and hope you enjoyed the pics.

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  1. lots of great and nice photos (including HDR) for your trip to Bangkok.. TFS!



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