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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Inspired by my perfect pink dress and the up-coming Valentine's Day - I went to read Macbeth by Shakespeare again.
(I woke up at 5am, edited pics for this post alittle and couldnt get back to sleep)
Hahaha yes yes... Macbeth is a tragedy but I studied it in Literature eons ago in school so it has always a special place in my heart.
A Midsummer Night's Dreams would be more apt for Valentine's actually - with its whimsical theme and comedic undertones. And you know much I love fairies, right? 

I remember how the Jungle hubs (then: boyfriend) actually bought surprised tickets to the play at Fort Canning and it was in the open field so we had to pack our picnic basket and sit under the stars.
It was one of our first dates doing something vaguely different and it still feels just as saccharine sweet til now. 


Last week we had some time to spare before heading to church so off to an early dinner we went!

Pink is my absolute favourite colour (ahem, as you can see from this space)!
Special Thanks and Valentine Day Love to Amelie-Anne for my Alexa Rosette dress!

Lovingly self-manufactured by Amelie-Anne, it comes in 4 fabulous colours suitable for all skin tones.
Its actually non-sheer and very easy to wear out on a dinner date or even lunch with the girls!

Sash comes with the dress but I chose to pair it with my pink ribbon belt that day.

Here's a look at all the other colours!

All readers can simply quote Elaine73 for 5% discount off all purchases and check them out on Facebook (here!) for new launches, promotions and deals!
Did you get anything from their recent Flash Sale? Do check out what's still available HERE! and HERE!

Hope you find something you like for Valentine's Day!

Tags Replied!
JennyW: Yes yes!!! I got the HK tumbler from Taipei HK cafe lor! Hahahah its the cutest design, got one more not so nice. And ahahhhah last time i forgot my password for twitter and i was using my old hotmail email add (which was hacked!) so cant change email address, cant change password and cant download twitter mobile. Until recently I sat down and type all the passwords n I finally got the correct one! (silly me!) 
So yes.... now I update twitter frequently! Twitter diarrhoea! :p
Mandy: How abt the ones in town? They have a Bikram yoga studio in Raffles City area if Im not wrong :) U can google it and find out more. If u need help or got any questions abt Bikram yoga, just tag or email me k!
Angie: Ooooooh sure! One day I will do a demo on the hairstyle! Its very very easy and U can do it in under 15 mins! (Including blow drying hair and tong-ing with curlers)
Congrats on yr pregnancy dear!!!!!!! Soooo happy for mummies-to-be! :) I will name my son ADAM coz he will be my first-born and in the bible, Adam was the first man created by God. But I dun think I will name my daughter Eve thou! Jungle Boy already has a chosen name for daughters. Hahahhaaha
ping: Thanks my dearest ping!!! Hug hug u have been so sweet n great all these years to me. :))))
Yllas: Yes!!!!! Actually her gown very very nice... I love it too! Esp her veil.. vintage kind ~ I like lorrr!
Smoker-who-wants-to-quit: Keep on trying babe!!! U can do it if i can do it k!!!!!! Try to keep yr mind off smoking and actually the best way to quit is to EXERCISE!!!! You knoe why? Coz after u start to exercise u will feel how hard it is to exercise! I felt so out of shape coz i was so breathless and my heart beating like mad! Then yes... i regret how i abused my body by smoking .. so yes! Thank God I dun have the urge nor do I want to ever pick up a cigarette.. and I feel that way even when I drink! :))))
tea: Yes! :) Both me and Jungle Boy is the only child hehehe
angie: LOL! My in-laws place :p We are just free-loaders who are both saving up to buy a place for investment! (Hopefully in about 3-5 yrs time!)
Rachel: Hello! I go to Twister by Monsoon at Hougang Mall. My hairstylist is Wendy Lau (My best friend)  Tel: 6387 4044
Lala: OOOOoooh congrats dear! It will be a piece to treasure and love forever n ever.. like all H stuff! :D
I dun normally use my scarves as often now - I used to when I travelled to colder places. But in our hot climate - U can simpley wear a basic (black or white t-shirt) and throw it on around yr neck.It stands out so keep everything else simple. Or if u dare, wear a tube on the inside and use the scarf as a halter neck top. Its very sexy!!!!!! U can also roll it n tie it around ur jeans (as a belt)! Very very chic!!!!!
For more ways to use a 90x90, u can go to any H store and ask for their instruction cards. Its the size of poker cards but it has pictures n teaches u the many ways to wear the scarf. :)
If u intend to buy another H scarf, you can contemplate on getting their cashmere ones - its very good as a shawl or simply as a mini blanket to keep u warm anywhere.
Angel: My frend bought it in Japan and it was a Christmas pressie!!! :( But its original Sanrio, so u can check out sanrio stores in singapore. I hv seen a similar one at the Hello Kitty store at 112 Katong. :) I think its about $50-60 here. :)
Christie: Sharp eyes my dearie!!!! LOL! Yes! Love it so much too!!!! No regrets getting it :) It channels my rocker bike chick (fail) look. (I try!)
Tatty: My frend bought it in Japan and it was a Christmas pressie!!! :( But its original Sanrio, so u can check out sanrio stores in singapore. I hv seen a similar one at the Hello Kitty store at 112 Katong. :) I think its about $50-60 here. :)
Angie: Hahahhahaha this question has been asked so many times esp during my recent CNY :p
No... Thankfully the hubs has been nothing but supportive. And even my family and in-laws. 
They understand how tired I was from flying so I really needed some rest - esp when Im trying for baby now! But most importantly I really wanted to spend time with the hubby coz he was getting alot busier with work. And also! I try to occupy my time reading, going for yoga and taking up baking! So fun! I also have quite a number of stay-at-home-mum frends or ex colleagues who are not working etc so we get together from time to time!!! :) Most imptly ... I am so much happier now :) (Although I do miss my old job n frends!)
Mochaccinoland: Thank u so much dear!!! U have been such a sweet blogger frend and hopefully one day i can meet u in HK!!!!!!!!
monica: Welcome!!! Hope u like it here :) (and pink)

Okies.. got to go!
Love and peace out.

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  1. Elaine.. thanks for the compliment. Happy Dragon year to you too. Baby dust to you *sprinkles*

  2. Thks sweets!!! Yes!! Baby dust n pixie dust n fairy dust all on me n in my blog pls! Heehee!!!


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