Saturday, February 25, 2012

Was at One Fullerton to meet my cousins but got side-tracked alittle to take some marvelous pictures in Fullerton Hotel!

The Underpass.
Fullerton Hotel has such a rich history and many of my friends held their wedding banquet here too.
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is a five-star luxury hotel located near the mouth of the Singapore River, in the Downtown Core of Central Area, Singapore. 
It was originally known as The Fullerton Building, and also as the General Post Office Building.
The Fullerton Building was named after Robert Fullerton, the first Governor of the Straits Settlements (1826–1829)
Commissioned in 1919 as part of the British colony's centennial celebrations, - the building was designed as an office building by Major P.H. Keys of Keys & Dowdeswell, a Shanghai firm of architects.
Can you see abit of pink in the middle?
How about here?
Went back to One Fullerton where the MBS laser show was in full glory.
Decided to do a quick dinner at PierSide.
Seafood platter.
Unfortunately the food was seriously not up to par.
The service was commendable though - warm and friendly but it was a shudder to have bad seafood and bland main courses.
The bread was deliciously warm and fluffy but overall, a rather lukewarm experience - especially when the restaurant was in such prime location. 
Thankfully I had great company that night!
Talking incessantly at Coffee Bean and spending some much treasured times with my little cousins.
Still nursing a cough.
Its horrible feeling sick the whole week!
Back soon.
Special Thanks to ClubCouture for my Sleeveless Lace Dress in White.
I threw on my Marilyn Monroe pink scarf which I bought for 180 baht (S$7.50) and it was simple, breezy and perfect for walking along the Singapore River.
Hope all of you have a great weekend!

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