Blackmores Radiance Event

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello everyone!
Its a nice start to the week ahead and yesterday morning I just came back from dim sum with my mum.
Mummy had a doctor's appointment and Im pretty impressed with the new TTSH clinic! 
Its nice and bright with Milo drink machines and even biscuits for the patients who have no time for a meal.
Great for some of the elderly who cant walk too far for a drink.
Been busy these days and slowly picking up my yoga routine once again.
Shall try to slot in running soon and maybe some weights if possible.
These days I try to drop by the library as often as I can becoz there are so so so many books I wanna read!
Is it too greedy to be reading 4 books at a time?? Haha!
Some random updates
-Last week-
Went for a haircut by Wendy! (Shortie bestie)
This is me and my act cool look. 
(Puke til death)
 Touched up my roots and cut fringe.
She curled my ends for me.
Went shopping at Bugis street.
Was drizzling so decided to go with straight hair.
Curls and fizz simply dun work!
 -Thurs 15th March-
Blackmores Radiance Event
Was invited to the Blackmores Radiance event held at Cookyn Inc by my blogger friend, Renzze!
Located off Margaret Road, its a quaint little place where they hold private or corporate cooking classes and even grow their own vegetables in the back yard!
 I brought my Hello Kitty pen to jot down notes in my diary!
So act serious leh.... dun play play. :p
Cookyn Inc is really sweet to prepare some light bites and free-flow drinks for us!
This is chickpea hummus dip with crispy pita.
Our dearest speaker explaining the structure of our skin and the importance of  a good diet, 
combined with taking Blackmores Radiance.
Blackmores is proud to announce the launch of the Blackmore Radiance - 
A clinically proven, natural approach to anto-aging and beauty.
What many people do not realise is that much of the aging of our skin happens from the inside out and creams and facial treatments are only part of the solution to slow the signs of aging.
Nourishing the skin from within the body can assist your skin to look and feel its best. 
Blackmores Radiance is a marine collagen and antioxidant-rich skin supplement for day and night use.
Day Formula :
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Night Formula :
Demineralised fish proteoglycan extract
Citrus bioflavonoids
Vitamin E
Grape seed, green tea and French maritime pine bark
Our goody bag consists of :
2 boxes of Radiance Day & Night capsules
1 Nail Buffer 
1 Pill Box
My notes:
The Blackmore Radiance works in two ways - Both Morning and Night capsules for different features and benefits.
Its a 24 hour formula and you can also take both capsules in the morning (with water, no tea or coffee pls!) coz they work independently to reduce skin pigmentation in skin tone, decrease premature aging, repairs and regenerate the skin.
It also nourishes the deeper layers and reduce free radicals.
Hydrates and moisturises skin from within.
I started using it the very next day! :D
In conjunction with the Radiance theme, Cookyn Inc prepared an array of healthy ingredients for us to cook our own dinner!
It was really exciting! Look!
We were all given chef hats and a Cookyn apron!
This is New Zealand King Salmon, slightly more fatty as compared to their Norwegian counterparts.
But those are good fats, as they contain Omega-3 which is essential for healthy heart benefits, beneficial for joints and to keep our immune system in good shape.
We are going to start doing our dessert first so we can keep it in the fridge to chill it while we are cooking the rest of our dinner!
Here's some of our ingredients for the Berry Yogurt Trifle!
Mervyn teaching us what to do.
Luvverlyn looking so serious here! LOL!
Renzze, you very happy to add alcohol in your dessert righht!!! Hahahah!
Recipes of our menu!
If you are interested in having them, let me know k!
Second demo of our salmon dish!
Red capsicum, yellow capsicum and cherry tomatoes are rich in antioxidants!
I love the colours!!!
And its really not difficult to do!!!
Here's mine!!!!
Nice not!
Wrap it up, add some chicken stock and its done!
Sending all the parcels all into the oven ~
Do the Vietnamese Spring Roll with Peanut Dip now!
Can u guess what this is?
Its the spring roll skin!
Holly dipping it in water first.
Me and Irene!
Ya la my idiot face spoil the pic LOL.
Here's my overstuffed spring roll!
The filling already trying to run away from the skin. :(
Ooooh ~ this was also prepared by Cookyn In for us to munch on before our dishes are ready!
Wild rice tastes really GOOD leh!
You know you are at a Blogger's event when EVERYONE takes out their cameras and snap non-stop haha!
My humble meal!
This tasted heavenly too!
Sous vide chicken!
And this one had everyone wanting second helpings!
Clams in Rice wine.
Wanna peek into my parcel?
Look how amazing it turned out!
Perfectly done!
Yummy hor Renzze!
Lets dig in...! :D
The two of us!
(I used Erode from Photoscape to get this effect!)
Are you ready for some DESSERT!
My Berry Yogurt Trifle look so GOOD omgomgomg.
And to end the already perfect night... some dark chocolate truffles handmade by the peeps at Cookyn!!!!
It was soooo nice!
I really had a GREAT time together with everyone and also knowing so many new friends!
If you are interested to get a box of Blackmores Radiance to try, please head down to the your nearest Watson's stores now!
Hope everyone can be mei mei from inside out! :D
Hope you enjoyed the entry!
Its dinner time soon and Im actually flying off to Taipei for a holiday on Thursday so I'll try to post more soon! 
Lotsa love.
Leaving you a pink nightmare.... :p
And yes! I know Lady Gaga's concert in May but I kiasu can anot!
Now I wanna do the Bow hair to go her concert! 
Anybody wanna teach me??? Hehehehe!

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