Bubble Shoot

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday to all!
By the time you are reading this, I should be on my way on a plane so this post is scheduled in case I dun have internet overseas :)
Last Sunday we all had some time on our hands and the original plan was to go for an outdoor street photography shoot but due to the bad rainy weather - we had to move our plans indoor.
And guess what happened. 
My hubs (and Joie's hubs YJ) roped me in for an impromptu photo shoot :/
Creme Studio Photography and Makeup by Joie
George had kindly loaned us his Creme studio for the shoot, all photos here from Jungle Boy and makeup by Joie.
Denim overall by ClubCouture
(TOTALLY unexpected shoot....)
My naked face.
(Here's what a night of Cristal does to you.)
Attended a wedding at Ritz the night before and was so happy to see old friends!
But we went to bed around 2am and it was way past my bedtime so I was feeling so tired the next day!
Being 30 sucks. 
Joie's professional makeup tools.
I want a PINK makeup case like tat! 
(Btw, Have you checked out Charm Makeup Brushes? They have NEW pink brushes! Quote Elaine73)
Starting to work her magic
Joie going for a smoky eye look for me
Doing my hair
Intense concentration .. ha!
Wild curls today
Finishing touches
The theme today is BUBBLES!
We had some in the car (dun ask me why) coz we had no chance to use it so it was perfect for a studio photoshoot!
All pics were not enhanced in any way :)
Here's the pictures from the shoot!

I love how the bubbles look like pretty round rainbows under the softbox light!
Can u catch a bubble?
Jungle Boy chose my outfit for me :D
My denim overalls were totally apt for the theme :p
Thank you once again ClubCouture!
Loose curls for a slightly romantic feel.
And some pigtails to totally act cute #notshy
But the actual star of the night is Ollie!
He's so bloody cute - we had to rope him in for a pic or two!
Can I try to lick a bubble?
One day I will catch one ..!
Thanks everyone for dropping by!
Hope you have a great weekend ahead :D
Special Thanks once again to our friends George, Joie, YJ, Jacky 
(and Ollie!) for all the fun and laughter that night.
More pics from YJ when I get it from him. :)
Just a small mention here, there's a ongoing special promotion for a Makeup by Joie & Creme Photography Professional photoshoot if you're interested.
Have fun.
Edited to add :
This promotion will be extended to all readers by simply quoting Elaine73!
All images returned so there is absolutely no hidden costs or 'topping up' for additional pictures.
For more info pls email joie@joiemakeupbar.com or call 93857769, thank you!

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  1. I read your blog yesterday and then last night while driving to dinner (Fat Boy's at Joo Chiat), I passed by this place and thought of your photoshoot! :D Love the pix, they all turned out really pretty and you look absolutely FAB!!!

    The Moonberry Blog

  2. Thanks my sweets! Yes yes hahaha Studio is a stone's throw away from Fat Boy's! :D Did u like the food there? My frends have been raving abt it like crazy! I'll try it one day!


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