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Monday, March 12, 2012

Every Friday, the hubs and me will usually take a quick dinner at 6 before heading to church service at 7.30pm.
So last Friday was no exception.

I've always like Al Forno in East Coast coz its near our place, parking is walking distance (if u can get a slot) and the food there never disappointed us.
But what happened last week was totally out of this world.

You see, reaching a restaurant by 6pm usually means that the tables are practically empty coz diners dun really waltz in around, say...6.45-7.15pm for dinner.
So when we request to grab a seat next to the window, we were dismayed to be shown to a dark, dingy table right at the back of the totally empty restaurant.
(I use the term 'empty' loosely as there were only 1 table filled at the restaurant - and yes, they were also seated right at the back .. in the dark.)

Shouldnt you fill up the tables in the front first....?

But what really took the icing on the cake was when the hubs asked the foreign waitress politely, "Is there a reason why we cant sit there?" 
(pointing to the tables near the windows)
The curt reply that came as swiftly as a bullet was actually an incredulous "No."

The hubs asked, "No reason? Ok, fine."
And he started to walk out.

Short and sweet as it is, the woman said the N-O word, followed by a rather weak "All the tables are reserved..."

Really? ALL 20 tables are reserved? Even the ones in the middle of the restaurant?

I stood there, almost zombie-fied, not becoz I couldnt believe that we were not allowed to sit in any of the 20 empty tables right in the front - but becoz of the fact that she stood by her stand ever so firmly even when I looked at her pleadingly in the eye and said, 
 "We promise to leave by 7."
"But today is a FRIDAY.'' she reiterated.

And thus this is my story of saying bye-bye to one of my favourite restaurants in the east.

Now, welcome to Trattoria Lafiandra.
A place which is about half the size of Al Forno, but allowed me to sit wherever I want to, even when there were at least 10 diners in the restaurant already, and even more to arrive becoz it was a FRIDAY for them, too.
And yes.
We sat by the window :)
We actually had a great laugh over dinner that evening and now every time I need to say 'No' to the hubs, I end up saying "BUT today's a Friday" in good jest.
Some shots around the museum.
Hope everyone have a great start to the week ahead!
Back soon :D
Haha, nobody whacked me. 
(If you are wondering about the bruise on my left shoulder.)
I tried the Traditional TCM method of cupping and this apparently get rids of stagnant blood and toxins in my body and hence, the dark purplish shade. :p
Trattoria Lafiandra al Museo 
(Singapore Art Museum)
71 Bras Basah Road, #01-02 Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
Tel: 6884 4035

Al Forno (East Coast) 
425 East Coast Road  Singapore 429012
Tel: 6348 8781
(Remember not to go on a Friday.)

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  1. Oooh i love Trattoria Lafiandra but I also love Al Forno. Never had such bad service though.. I usually order takeaway anyways... :)

  2. We used to go to Al Forno all the time & it wasnt like that at all! Maybe just sway lor :(
    But everyone (service staff & chef doing pizza) saw the exchange of words but amazingly nobody stepped in to say anything. Sometimes its just a matter of principle.. Not that we trying to be nasty n sit st ppl's 'reserved' tables but its incredulous to tell me at 6pm tat all the tables are reserved. N u have been there before, its not exactly a small place.
    I think they r just trying to fill up the tables behind. :(


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