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Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello everyone!
Will be flying to KL tomorrow so I wanted to reply the tags before I leave. (At the end of this post)
But Im actually in a bad mood now coz I was doing up this post and realised I got some of the sequence of the pics wrong and then I dunno what I did and then before I know it I go and DELETE my previous blog post!!!!
I want to bang head can.
But looking at these pics make me slightly better ... slightly only! :(
-Ashley's 5th Birthday Party-
Last Saturday was a celebration of birthdays! 
Its amazing how far we've come ..!
Can you imagine we all used to fly? :)
And now .. all mummies already!
(Except me lar)
My ex-team girls!
We used to go shopping together, cook in hotel rooms, eat buffets overseas and now all we talk about are husbands and children!
Poolside party 
Buffet line
The kids were sooo adorable!
Here's lil Ash with my handphone!
I loved her Ariel Mermaid balloon! 
So cute right - got neh neh pok one.
Little YE here lovesss fishballs!
And our latest baby addition to the group .. Little Jake!
There was freshly made popcorn and cotton candy for all the kids and kids-alike! 
Happy Birthday little one!
You're such a gem!
And here's what I actually do at children parties .........
Scaring all the babies!
Aunty Elaine just wants a kiss baby Jake! 
Sorry to make you cry! :p
(Luckily Jake Jake mummy found it funny! I scare later she say why I make her son cry....!) 
-YJ Birthday at KPO-
We left the party to go to Russell Peter's at the Indoor Stadium and had a crazyyyyy ball of time!
He was sooooo hilarious I take my hats off him - its little wonder that he is world-class.
He had the whole audience in stitches! For about 2 whole hours! Non-stop. 
The man can reeeeally talk.
And it was YJ's birthday celebration at KPO after.
Chilling abit first
The food is to-die-for!
Try the satay, prawn noodles and chicken wings!
The blur guys actually went ahead to give YJ his birthday present even BEFORE the cake is out!
They forgot about it totally.......! *facepalm x1000*
I had a minor heart attack so I faster faster pretend to go toilet and get the cupcakes out!
It took YJ by surprise coz who cuts cake AFTER present??????? 
But it was all good in the end coz he was really startled when we suddenly starting singing the birthday song!!! Very loudly somemore ahahahaha!
Cake was delicious! We all shared!
Here's George who loves cake.
As you can probably tell already.
Super shiok look - machiam cake commercial hor
Dun you feel like eating cake now too???
Goofing around
Here's what happens when u go out with a group of photographers .. everyone takes pictures!
Happy Birthday YJ!
Hope you had a great time!
And before I go - Here's a super duper cute picture of Jacky!
Can u guess which superhero is he????? 
Yes!!! The Avenger's Iron Man!
Look like not! :p
Thanks for dropping by!
Off to KL but back soon.

Pinkie: Hi dear! I think the CDC is a GREAT BUY! Hahaahaha :p I know the price tag is hefty but it is a sound investment becoz its so classic and I always get compliments (and queries) when I wear it out. The guys find it huge, but the girls usually swoon over it! Its abit of a mixed reaction but personally I love it so I would say BUY! :)
fe: I took SQ! Went there for 5D4N :) Coz we went all the way to alishan so wanted to stay longer due to the long journey. (8 hr car ride from taipei)
Silver: Thank you sweets! How r u?? 
Connie: My gf bought for me from Japan! But I saw it before in original sanrio shops (eg in isetan) 
mochaccino: Thank u love!
Regina: Thank u too babe! U go and take also! Quite fun! :P
ping: How r u sweets!!! Long time no see yr tag!!
adelinehow: I use a Macbook Pro but I downloaded Windows! I used PicMonkey for the words and effects :)
Ec: Hi dear! I have both 25 and 30 speedy but personally I love my 30 more. 25 too small! Cute but too small! I got alot of rubbish to put!
HY: I didnt organize it dear! My frens did - we simply followed! :p
ashlyne: Thank u for ur thoughts and prayers sweetheart!
JL: Thank u dear! I got the top from Taipei in winter last year but the boots are Uggs :) Bought in sydney.
nice: Thank u sweets! Most of the pictures are taken by Jungle Boy - he uses Nikon DS3 and Leica M9. I personally use a Panasonic GF3 :D
snowwhite: Thk u babe! It is a B&R. But im not sure wat model it is.. its not the men's series coz mine is a smaller size!
jasmine: oh dear the owl top has all been sold out sweets! will let u know if there are any backorders :(
ellen: im not sure which kee lung restaurant it is too coz they are sooo many! (A row of them!) They are actually quite similar so no worries which one u go as long as u are comfortable.
mochaccinoland: Thank u sweetheart! <3<3
pinkie: Thk u dear! I got it from taipei wor! (winter season)
choc: Def brown for daily use, black if u want to do smoky eyes
EL: If u are very fair - try wearing the Peranankan kebaya or the Indian sari! The contrast will look GREAT! If u are pretty tanned, u can still try the kebaya but I think a sexy Chongsum will look great too! With an updo hairstyle and red lips!
veron: Yes yes.. very very sad too right :(
miffygal: Thnk u my dear! U have been nothing but FABULOUS to me all these years!!!! <3<3
yeefang: Oh dear my pics are taken by Jungle Boy :p Hehehe I also dunno how to take pics de! But he is really hardworking, constantly looking at photos by professional photographers and learning a great deal from our own professional friends. :) And books too! He buys camera books to learn more abt photography. 
pinkie: Yes lor.... i dun wan buy JS anymore............ :(
fuky_bee: How r u my dear! Its a hermes lindy :) hehehe
connie: Those are my old jeans!!! Its a torn pair so I just cut it short. :p
Xueli: Im really so so so sorry to hear abt yr awful experience. Please email me at elainewoopl@gmail.com and I try to follow up for u. My apologies sweets. :(
espenine: oh dear :( i really like my falling hearts wor!!! :((((
wenDy: Thank u sweetheart!!! Xie xie ni!
tk: Thk u dear!
lynn: Yes! from the faceapps!
faceapps: thk u for replying! :P
lin: u are a pretty bride-to-be too!!! *shy*
mochaccinoland: really hope u liked the tutorial! ok next time I do one on false lashes! both upper and lower ones!!! who else wan??? :D
pauline: thank u my dear!!! hehehehhe!
ashlyne: This post is for u! Can see the My Little Pony???? I braid the hair!!!
love: Thk u sweetheart!!!!
veronT: Yes!!! How u noe!!!!!!!! :p
yuki: Thank u dear! Pics are mostly taken by Jungle Boy! I only pose!!!!! :p
florence: ooooo i never go Nagomi before! Next time i try it out! whats good there??? :)
phoebe: Its ok! I paid around 3k+++ nearly 4k for my MTM wedding gown and MTM evening gown. Got to keep the EG :)
spaceship: :( sorry about tat..  
jemjo: Its 30 in etaine! :D
Have a great week ahead dear all!!!
Good night! :D

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