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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monday was ..........
But first - afew *ahem* camwhoring shots of myself.
Love my slicked back all the way hair!
Perfect for the weather :)
Ecstatic to find the near exact hair colour wig!  
See? Look real not
Cant tell not my hair unless u look real close
But then yesterday I go and dye my hair so dunno can use again anot! 
Haven take out to compare the colour keke.
Went to Lady Gaga concert with my birthday girl xoxoxoxo
Together with all my old secondary school mates!
Tell you its super hot + far walk + ten million people
Finally walked all the way in!
Look at the crazy crowd!
Pardon the blur pictures - our only hope of DSLR had to go in the locker when the security frisked our bags! Sobzzz so no proper pics.
Super ALOT of people can
Lover love! 
Waiting for GAGA!
Can u see her????!!!!!!!!
There ~! The HUGE INSECT!
Maybe now u can see her better! (After she peeled off the insect suit!)
Yo Lady Gaga!
She has soooo many outfits it was CRAZY!
Then she suddenly playing the piano ... on her BIKE!
She sang 'Hair'. It was so touching 
Yoga pose ahhahahha
Lady Gaga's soooo talented! She plays the guitar too!
But frankly the best of the concert was hearing her talk about her experiences growing up where she was bullied and thrown into the trash by the other popular boys from another school. It struck a cord in everyone becoz I think at some point or another - everyone has been bullied before in their lives. 
It could be something as simple as ganging up to tease a person, or even something extreme like playing hurtful pranks on someone else. 
Thankfully I dun really remembered being bullied as a child, but I got teased for my dark skin alot. 
Frankly I dunno why being Chinese has to fair? And just becoz I have dark skin and huge eyes - people say Im not Chinese? #whatlogic
But a long time ago I remember an ex-colleague telling me I must be Vietnamese or Thai instead and that my parents must have picked me up from an orphanage coz "Chinese dun have black skin."
Sure, I got really angry and hurt at that time - but I chose to forgive him, - not becoz Im a bigger person but becoz I like who I am : dark skin or not. :) And oh ya, he wanted to introduce me to Woffles Wu coz he said he couldnt understand how I got into SQ in the very first place ... *laugh*
Lady Gaga in her infamous meat outfit!
(This is a plastic version)
Donning the military look
During encore!
Love her soooo much!!!!
I wore slippers to the concert (yes really) and my legs were going to seriously break!!!!!
So this was how we looked like at the end of the night .. LOL.
Tak glam dao~ Shhhh.. dun tell people.
But hey .. we are who we are. 
Have a FABULOUS week!

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