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Friday, May 18, 2012

 Hello everyone!
Happy weekend to all :)
Sorry for being away ~ It was a crazy week. 
First we went on a roadtrip to Rompin and then we came back and flew off to KL! 
I ate non-stop this week so Im terribly guilty but the food was sooooo bloody delicious, I cant possibly say no to it all!!!
I'll try to get the KL pics sorted out but first, here's Rompin.
-Rompin 11th May-
Rompin is a small fishing village and township on the southern end of Pahang, Malaysia. 
The town of Rompin is known for its recreational fishing. 
From the months of March to November which is prime sailfish season, - anglers from all over the world travel to Rompin to try their luck with the famous billed fish.

We drove up for 3hrs the night before and woke up fresh and early to go fishing!
Breakfast before setting off.
Being back here again brought back wonderful memories!
This is my second time here - but for seasoned fishermen like the hubs and his friends, they have been here countless times! 
You can check out ny previous entry on Rompin here
Transported back to rustic times ...  I really love the kampong feel of the place.
Looking at this surreal moment beautifully captured on camera
Soon we are on our way!
The whole trip was totally makeup-free!
I didnt pack a single eyelash wahahhahaha
Tools of the trade
The fishing boat we were on
We must have traveled for about an hour before remotely reaching the fishing spot
Lone sampan 
Junk boats like these does commercial fishing and thats how u get your fishes from the wet market!
They can easily be away for weeks to get catch - but this is a smaller boat so maybe they might not be out at sea for too long.
The sun was BLAZING!
The fishermen getting prepared
Reaching the fishing spot soon!
We're here!
Tell you a super duper funny incident.
The hubs wanted to get something so he had me hold on to his rod for a moment ...
and the very next thing I know - the rod was moving like crazy! 
I started screaming much to the excitement of everyone onboard coz it was barely 10 seconds after he passed the rod to me!!! What 'luck'. 
I was certainly not amused.
And he refused to take over coz he wanted to 'capture' the moment so poor me had to fight the fish.
(No fun for me!)
It was in a family so we let it go.
(Can u see 3 fishes instead?)
Then he caught another one!
But suddenly............
Only the head left!!!!
Ewwwwww I wan to *puke*
And then another!
This was a decent catch!
Great for fishhead curry!
(Which we did!)
Pat's turn now! 
Another great catch!
Just bored out of my wits with no luck of any reception onboard.
I was having fun splashing water til .......
They told me there was tiger sharks. :(
It started to become dark
We need to leave soon!
And then it poured.
And poured.
Captain getting us back to shore.
By the time we reached - it was almost sunset!
Too a much needed shower and head for DINNER!
Our fresh catch given to the kopitiam kitchen and look at our spread!
This dish I super LOVE.
Salted egg deep fried prawns... so so so yummy i can die!
Our small bait fish which we caught earlier in the day.
After the great dinner, we promptly went back to watch Astro Tv and zonked out!
-Day 2 Rompin-
Another super early morning!
Love the fresh eggs there! And the mee .. wah lau best lor.
Out sea.
Here's how we catch bait fish!
I started catching them too! 
Coz they are not scarily big.
And look!
Can u see what this is?????
Sailfish are highly prized game fish and are known for their incredible jumps and great speed. 
They can appear in a startling array of colors, from subdued browns and grays to vibrant purples and even silver. 
Their body colors are often highlighted by stripes of iridescent blue and silver dots. Sailfish can change their colors almost instantly - a change controlled by their nervous system. 
The sailfish can rapidly turn its body light blue with yellowish stripes when excited, confusing its prey and making capture easier, while signalling its intentions to fellow sailfish.
But we always release sailfishes back to sea :)
Enough for the day .... back to shore!
Here's what the guys caught & kept in total.
Now I have fish to eat everyday! 
Coz I married a fisherman :)
Back soon and have a great weekend pixies!
p.s Off to watch SCV's Curse of the Royal Harem!
But not nice one.. Myolie Wu look too young to be empress and her foe (and older) Jessica Hsuan everyday show the 'please dun bully me coz im so kind & innocent look' which is totally pissing me off coz Myolie doesnt portray evil very well in the first place! 
Spoilt princess, -yes. But not Tavia Yeung's Beyond the Realm of Conscience evil evil.
Maybe Ada Choi might have been much more fitting as this evil empress-turn-good-in-the-end role..
Nevertheless, I have a soft spot for period dramas coz I love all the costumes & headgear.
Looking forward to War & Beauty 2 though! 
The cast lineup is AMAZING! Take care all!

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