A Bag of Antics at BeerFest

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello everyone! How's everyone been?
Im sorry for being away coz as some of u would know, - my mum had a minor operation this week but thankfully everything went rather smoothly, thank God. :)
Thank you all for emails, tweets and for leaving me msgs in Instagram @ sugar73! xo
Last week we had tickets to BeerFest 2012 courtesy of GT and it was absolutely FUN!!!!!
It was a HAPPY day coz GT had a small pressie for me! 
Limited edition Hello Kitty Monopoly - omfg I swear I nearly died there!!!! It was CRAZY shitass cool!
These are our friend Willy's hands and the first thing he did was to shake his head, roll his eyes and take a pic. And my hubs did the exact same thing. (Picture in a picture!)
But then obviously Jungle Boy perked up at the sight of these :
And erm, these too :p
U have to buy BeerFest chips to purchase food & beverages  
CHEERS everyone!
Eat chicken wing very happy !!!
Tak glam dao!
There's so many different kinds of beer there including this Peach beer!
And dunno wat Holland beer or something
The 'Beatles' played old songs
There was so many people there too!
Got dancer leh!
Beer promoters going round selling drinks
Lets buy MORE!
I chose Mango beer!
Quit posing GT ... !!!
Scaring Willy a little
Now he's freaked out by the two of us
Dunno where this came from LOL!
Taking my pony hp to bully his HTC
Drink drank drunk
And there's more here!
Haha trying to pull Hubs ears
Gimme a ROCK STAR pose!
Lemme try it too!
Ok u win la (poser!)
Dunno who decided to do Jager shots!!!!!!
But beer was the order of the day 
well ... obviously! 
Really?? :D
Oh ... you. :p
There was plenty of distractions .......
And then we heard loud cheering ....!!!!!
WOW! GOT ANGEL!!!!!!!!!
I had a sip of beer ....... and decided .....
Lets get a MASSAGE!
I could literally hear people laughing and cheering
And here's the Devil (fanning himself!)
It was fun! (Abit scary but fun!)
I thot it was over until
They got Jungle Boy in the act too!!!
Thanks Angel and Devil! 
U guys were such a sport too!
The guys started posing ....
And we all joined in!
I guess thats what alcohol does to normal people
And there were pictures I had no recollection of
Like erm these
Our table was the most happening table!!!! 
Got quiz we all go play one!!!!
Look at this guy infront! 
Dunno pop out from where!!!!
Emcee was playing a game called "Guess the Song" and it was quite funny shouting answers!
Willy won a prize and then GT go and answer another question!!!!!!!
Bingo! Win prize again but after that emcee say one table only ONE person can answer wahahhahahahah!
We won TWO beerfest cap!
(I took the pink one obviously duh)
And my gd fren GT here busy eating beer cap wtf
We continue eating n drinking ............
Another round of BEER!!!!!! 
Happy only go take picture with chio promoter
Had such a crazy time with our friends!
Willy doing a satay man with the fan & satay and then suddenly one random stranger go and insert one beer bottle in our picture 
And we all went .. "SALAH LEH!" (salah : wrong)
Then after that the random stranger run away. *roll eye*
Al & I continue posing la heck care
YS and me!
Can take out Hello Kitty and pose somemore
Pose with anything and everything!!!
And then got ANOTHER GAME and we got 2 people go up play!!!!!!!!!
Tell u our table happening dun believe
Ang moh also more paiseh than us
Had to do SEXY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!
(If u cant tell ....... )
GT the extreme poser version!!!!!!!!!!!
Laugh until I cry lor!!!!!!
Won two foldable chairs whahahahha!
Perfect for another pose
(I told u he poser king right!!!!!!)
Hope everyone enjoy the pictures here coz it was such a cute crazy night out with some of our good friends - I would love to do it again in a heartbeat! And thats Beerfest 2012 for u.
And Im leaving you with one of my favorite pics from the night :)
"Laugh more. And then everything seems better."
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