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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hello everyone!
Happy Fathers' Day and I wish everyone a happy day :D
Last week the hubx and I had a small tête-à-tête session at Robotlots, - a new La Creperie cafe in the heart of Joo Ciat road.
Upon walking in you can see a cute bike on display!
Perfect for weekend brunch and coffee session girly gossip xx
Wore my GipsyScarlet pinkie demi bodycon dress and I had such a bad hair day I decided to do an impromptu Japanese Otaku hairstyle! 
Its not Robolots cafe if there is no ROBOTS :p
Even their table mats are so cuteeee! 
Server had kindly suggested honey to go with my Lemongrass Ginger (my fav tea!)
My "Goin' Nuts for Bananas' crepe is here!
All the dishes have such cute and quirky names! 
I spotted "Good-Pie My Lover","Mr Saxo-Peach" and "Shuffle My Truffle" among the rest.
There's a 10% Opening Special and a 1-1 Crepe Promotion til the end of June. We received $10 vouchers for next visit too :)
I also had the Shuffle My Truffle! 
Made with mushrooms, truffle and alot of love!
Cheese oozing with every bite
You can check them out Robolots (here!)
451 Joo Chiat Road
Katong Junction Singapore 427664
Opening Times: 
Tues - Fri 6pm to 11pm
Sat & Sun 10am - 11pm.
I hope everyone can spend some time with their loved ones today :)
I love my daddy & my daddy-in-law - the two men who took such good care of our families and for that, - I can never be grateful enough.
"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me."
- Jim Valvano
God bless xoxo
Special Thanks to GipsyScarlet once again for their lovely Demi Bodycon dress!
Their website is so cute and easy to navigate! 
Check them out on FaceBook(here!) and Twitter/GipsyScarlet!
New arrivals frequently so do check them out now!
Here's some of my picks!
So nice right ~ 
And this pearl collar dress will look fantastic to an event with heels or at work with a cardigan!
Simply mention "GSXOELAINE" at checkout to get 5% discount off all regular priced apparel!
Happy shopping xx

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  1. Hi Elaine!

    Out of curiosity, what camera are you using? I love the shots took of you! It defined and focused on you with a blurry background.

    I'm actually looking for a new camera...

  2. Hi Fay!
    This camera belongs to my hubby :D
    He is using a Leica M9, Noctilux .95 lens.
    What kind of camera are u looking for? :)
    A great point & shoot would be the Canon S100 coz the picture quality is great and small enough to put in yr purse.
    Several cameras like the Panasonic GX1, GF5, Olympus OM-D, Sony Nex 7 are great to use for photo enthusiasts who find the DSLRs too bulky.
    If u are looking for a DSLR, there are so many entry-level ones or semi-pro ones in the market.
    Nikon, Canon have many choices for ur budget and needs! Lemme know if u need more help :D

  3. Thanks babe for all the info! =)
    Actually I do not have any in mind. I just want to find one which will make me look good in any angles and as easy as ABC for a layman to use, as my boyfriend seriously sucks at taking photographs! He either made me look round or short in the pictures he took of me. (You know how upsetting for us, ladies??? Sigh)
    Not looking at DSLR at the moment as I really hate the bulkiness.
    Gonna do some homework now on all those which you have suggested. Enjoy your holidays! =)

  4. Then try the S100!
    Its really good for day-to-day pictures of people (ahem *self-camwhore*) and of food too! :D
    Plus its so small u will bring it everywhere!


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