A Visit to the Arteastiq

Friday, July 27, 2012

Another girly meetup with my loves at Arteastiq Mandarin Gallery :)
Its pretty secluded tucked right at a corner so you have to try to find it!
Tastefully decorated , Arteastiq reminds you of an art gallery with its modern day chic furniture. 
There is a studio right besides the cafe where if you have a leisure afternoon to spare, could try your hand at painting.
The lights on the ceiling was beautiful!
Black & white table and chairs
The menu and wine promotions
With girlfriends!
We ordered the Afternoon Tea set for two along with additional dishes and drinks for 3 of us.
The Arteastiq Tea Set
Cin's iced coffee
This Chicken Wrap was delicious! I loved the mayo on the side although the portion's a little too dainty for the price.
We also ordered the Turkey ham wrap which is not too filling for tea time
Lets dig in girlssss :D
They have a wide array of teas so its perfect for a tea-lover like Char!
I like my coffee black with a splash of milk :)
I think we talked the house down that afternoon!
♥My lovely girls♥
We left the place for shopping and here's me looking after BAGS in the toilet! LOL come I lelong lelong bags in orchard road  ....
Which bag u want??? Birkin?? I gibe u! (Coz not mine!) Wahahaha!
Wearing the same glasses! 
But mine's from cheapo BKK and cindee's ones cost a bomb!!!! :p
Strike a poseeee
I miss them so much already it was so fun shopping for shoes and talking nonsense the whole day! Love them soooo muchie! xo
Have a great Friday! 
Off to yoga and Im so glad I kept to my 5x yoga for 3 weeks! 
Love it love it love it!
Back soon to reply tags! xo

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