Moonberry's 4th of July BBQ

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A couple of weeks ago my friend Moonberry had a small BBQ 4th of July celebration by her poolside
Starting the fire and preparing the food
There was an array of dishes that day! 
Thanks to all the lovely food bloggers who titillated our tastebuds with nothing but food, glorious food!
I love BBQ chicken wings!
Everyone hard at work
The star of the night : LOBSTERS!
This bruschetta was TDF!
So much fun and food!
This was a total HIT with everyone!
The weather was absolutely great for a BBQ and we kept eating and talking *repeat*
Here's Smith doing the honors for my potluck item
Pop it!
Bubbly is GREAT for the soul!!!!!
Cheers and thanks for having us!
Gal power 
Lets cut some cake!
Happy 4th of July everyone!
Dessert time
Whats desserts without some sparklers!
Moonberry and poor Renzze who was recovering that day!
This reminded me of Chinese New Year with family and how I would play with sparkles all night long coz I loved them so much! 
Nice meeting up with everyone again!
Thanks for the BBQ dear! xoxo
Back soon!

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  1. :0 .... same wavelength or what!? I was just emailing y'all to request for pix from this bbq so that I can blog about it too. WAHHHHH~~~ 心灵相通! }:P

  2. Wahahahha!!!! Yeah! Great minds think alike! :p
    Wanted to post this like forever ~ Too many backlogged pics in my folder!


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