Aaron Kwok Concert

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last week I attended the Aaron Kwok de Showy Masquerade 2012! 
I cant begin to explain the excitement and anticipation of seeing my long-time idol in person and it was so overwhelmingly nostalgic .. you wouldnt believe.
Before I go on to show u pics from the concert ..
Lets just take a small walk down history lane shall we?
Aaron Kwok circa 1991
Aaron joined TVB in 1984 as a dancer at the age of 22. Then he also appeared in several TV series. In 1989, Aaron became well-known by more people after a commercial in Taiwan. Aaron returned to Hong Kong and began to star in several movies. In 1991, he signed a contract with Capital Artist Ltd. His first album is called 對你愛不完 Non-Stop Love. (Aka Endless Love)
I remember going crazy this relatively unknown singer when I was in primary school. While my classmates went gaga over Beyond, Jacky Cheung, Leslie Cheung or Anita Mui, I fell head over heels over Aaron.
I bought his first album (cassette tape) with whatever pocket money I have and literally begged my mother to get me a Walkman (!! Yes! Rem Walkmans??!) so I dun have to use the huge radio cum cassette player which was in the living room. I really wanted to hear his songs non-stop while doing my homework!
In the 90s we collected Idol Cards after school buy either buying them or exchanging it with fellow classmates who didnt want certain cards or changed their mind about certain idols. And yes all my cards was on Aaron Kwok! Maybe 1 or 2 on Andy Lau. But none on Jacky or Leon.. sorry!
4 Heavenly Kings was soooo popular then! I think every class had their own version of 4 Heavenly Kings! Please hor ... Last time got no J-pop, K-pop what Pop or Oppa Gangnum Style.. These 4 men was the hottest thing since MacDonald's Happy Meal!
Then after that got younger versions like Jimmy Lim but I no like him coz he copy my Aaron Kwok hairstyle. Anyways I got so much gibbering nonsense from my stupid classmates who made fun of my Aaron Kwok coz they say he cant talk properly and voice like dunno what. But I still LIKE! Hmmph.
Ok back to Aaron Kwok now. 
This is my ultimate favourite song and just listening to it makes me wanna cry! 
It was good times, alright..
Aaron Kwok "Beautiful Girl" - I used to listen and imagine he was referring to me lol
Die die must throw this in.
Watch the MTV! Wahahahhaa!
Aaron Kwok Concert 08 Sept
Went with our friends J and F
It was nearly full house and we had great seats of the 360 degree stage
Out came Iron Man!
The stage was splendid!
I dun like his ginger hair but oh well.
Still super fit 
And very handsome!!!!
Came out wearing a skirt-like thingy. But still gan handsome.
YUSO good-looking????
Crowd going wild
My favourite part of the whole evening was when he dangled in this diamond thingy suspended in the air.. singing his old ballads to the appreciating crowd.
I want to cry!
Super touching songs of yesteryear
Got fireworks somemore this Aaron Kwok dun play play
Ok back to what he does best. Dancing la.
His jacket was soooo BLING!
I love u Aaronnnn Kwok!!! 
(I shouted it many many times while my husband was next to me. Sorry husband)
The ending finale was so exciting!!! There was many many trampolines for the dancers but Aaron Kwok was soooo good on it too! He didnt miss a single beat and I was holding my breath the whole time coz I was so worried that he will fall!
Jumping in mid air!
Love the colours!!!! 
Thank you Aaron Kwok for the fabulous performance .. Im still amazed that u are middle-age..... When I grow up I really wanna be like you ..
Ok last one promise.
Aaron Kwok ....... 我对你的爱永不变!!!!
Supper after the concert
*Pics from the hubs
Sake... supper and talking about Aaron Kwok's accent was hilarious!
To die for
Chef T was supposed to close for the day but we gatecrashed :p
Thank you Chef!
Thanks for dropping by!
Im still listening to all the old Aaron Kwok songs on youtube while Im writing this and I cant help but have all the fuzzy warm feelings come over me! Songs are indeed the most incredible thing for someone to instantly go back in time, reliving all the wonderful memories from the past. 
We children didnt have the chance to have much then but my parents gave me everything they could and it was the greatest thing ever. 
“The more simple we are, the more complete we become.” 
- August Rodin
I think we all should :)
Back soon!

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  1. The concert looks like it was a lot of fun!! I like your nails, too. Pretty design.

  2. Thanks dear! XD
    The concert was sooo fun! Love aaron kwok sooo much! LOL


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