KL Foodie Trip Part 2

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Happy Weekend is here! 
I love Saturdays and Sundays coz its usually a day I get to spend with the hubs, or check out new establishments or just simply have a chat with family about everything under the sun. I hope u are enjoying ur weekend too!
Here's Day 2 of KL :)
We set off slightly before lunchtime in search of KL's best wanton mee in the Chinatown area
If you have ever been to Jalan Petaling in KL, you can easily find many old shophouses here with businesses that cater to the locals and tourists alike.
And Chinatown cant be called Chinatown if you dun find food stalls everywhere!
Walking along the main busy street of Jalan Petaling ... we found an old rustic kopitiam-style hawker, hidden by all the peddlers selling touristy clothes and 'branded' bags.
Peeking at the side, you can see all the action behind this little humble dish.
The chopping of roast pork, dipping the noodles in boiling water along with the swift movement of scooping wanton into a hot bowl of stock, garnished with spring onions.
Yes! The best wanton mee in KL! (And some say West Malaysia!)
Also known fondly as Koon Kee Wanton Mee!
Too excited cant wait
I loveee wanton mee. Its really something I can eat anytime, anywhere and any day.
The noodles was springy and the dark sauce complemented the dish perfectly. Malaysian styled wanton mee is slightly different from how we do it in Singapore, they use dark sauce with the noodles and green cut chili at the side. The Koon Kee version even comes with chicken breast meat, thinly sliced along with char siew and greens. It was heaven. So simple yet so well executed. A dish that will stand the test of time and more!
It was such a hot day so we bought the famous Mata Kuching drink by the main street!
Mata Kuching aka Longans! What a great way to cool down in the crazy heat.
We left soon after coz the weather was killing us and the crowd started pouring in so we quickly got out of Chinatown ... For more desserts!
Meet Fresh is actually the Taiwan chain of tapioca desserts with grass jelly!
Saw Hello Kitty. Cannot resist.
Had teh si kosong and some egg tarts! (Told ya this is a food trip.........)
Egg tarts for tea time is shiok one lor.
Went shopping at Pavillion and before we knew it - was DINNERTIME!
Wah lau I love Jalan Alor 
Lim Kee food stall sells unpretentious zi char food that wun cost u an arm or leg too!
We ordered so much food & beer for about RM80 (S$31)!
We love the friendly service and the lady boss has such a sense of humor! We complemented on the food and she said she agrees with us coz its all her husband fault for making her fat!
The chili cockles was the star of the night! So many likes on instagram too!
And then another ....... :)
Im eating and drinking wayyyy too much on this trip!
Ended the night reading my magazine on my Ipad! Love the idea of subscribing via App store! Cheaper, saves trees and I dun need to deal with the stack of heavy magazines that even the karang guni doesnt want! #truestory
Hope u enjoyed the pics and wishing everyone a blessed weekend!
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Happy Shopping!

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