Last Day in KL

Sunday, September 02, 2012

And so it says in the Bible - Exodus 35:2
"Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day there shall be to you an holy day, - a sabbath of rest to the Lord." 
Happy Sunday to everyone! All work and no play makes you dull! So I do hope you are having a good rest at home with a cup of tea, reading a book, baking muffins maybe or perhaps watching TV or leisurely surfing the internet. :)
For those who work today .. I hope u have a good rest day soon then! Im trying to finish up my pictures from KL .. a short foodie trip that was so amazing!
KL Day 3
Went for Bak Kut Teh in the morning for breakfast 
I dun particularly like eating pork innards but the hubs does! So I drink the soup or nibble on the bak kut (pork ribs) instead.
This stall here does the herbal version, hence the darker colour of the broth... instead of the peppery clear version we grow so accustomed to in Singapore. But I still prefer our version heehee.
Walked over to Berjaya Times Square coz we were flying off that evening and wanted to get some requested Krispy Kreme for a friend!
I dun eat donuts but I do enjoy looking at the colourful display! I love the strawberry pinky ones alot!
Bought a dozen back to Singapore! How people eat finish arhh??? I eat half I sugar-overdoseeee
All the action behind these cute round rings!
Went into the shopping centre to walk walk coz got air con hahaha #forevercheapo
End up buying some pirated version of UNO ... is Hello Kitty and Disney Princess one! But nobody want to play Hello Kitty UNO with me leh #foreveralone
Saw pink. 
Walk in.
Dunno what pirated rubbish I bought again! I took a pic in Instagram though! Oh! I remember now. I bought Hello Kitty waterproof pouch and a Hello Kitty spray bottle! LOL.
Drinking liang teh coz weather super hot 
Bitter until~!
Walked back to hotel and decided to eat somemore! Hahah! Our favourite quaint little kopitiam that sells famous meatball soup~
Slacked, packed and checked out first before waiting to go to airport. Walked to Pavilion (again) and guess what I looking at!
Want to eat again! Faint. (I know)
Satay.. teh tarik and nasi goreng for teatime!
Food at Mdm Kwan's is rather overhyped. Expensive and so-so only. Dun waste tummy space. I really think that the best food in Malaysia (and Singapore) are only found in hawkers and kopitiams! How do you sell good food if all your chefs dun cook with passion? Food taste best only when the person cooking it puts in effort, and cook from the heart and soul. That is why the moment I know that if the chef is actually the boss of the place, I can almost guarantee that the food will not disappoint. Becoz its ur name and reputation there so you will definitely do your very best for your customers! 
(Okies that one I save for another blog post)
Ooooooh~ Victoria .. YUSO expensive here?!
Headed to happy hour!
Kilkenny draft! No horse run.
Love the smoothness and the rich taste!
But haha actually I was drinking San Pellegrino. :p
That Kilkenny belonged to the hubs! #alcoholic
Soon it was time to head to the airport :)
Bye bye KL ..... !
It was a lovely trip.
Hope you enjoyed my little KL journey! It was food, fun and fabulous. 
KL has always been like a second home to me .. I dun find it very different from Singapore and its always heartening to hear the good ol' rojak language that we Singaporeans grew up with. To a certain extent, Singapore can be very pretentious and trying to be all atas atas with its foreign joints and chi-chi establishments that try to cater to the upmarket crowd. A cup of coffee is a cup of coffee. No flouncy or fancy names can you change that aspect. And I like tau huey, mee pok , chicken rice very much so Im very proud of our food heritage and really dun wanna see our hawker centre culture go down the drain. Its a part of who we were, who we are and who we will be. In our past, our present and most definitely in our future. 
Have a great week ahead peeps.

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