An Evening With Pandora

Friday, October 05, 2012

 Danish brand Pandora had kindly invited all friends and media to their 3rd Anniversary and Re-opening of their shop in Raffles City last week so I was pretty excited to drop by and check out their latest collection.
Pandora is a jewelry company that sells customizable charm bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces in more than 50 countries. Pandora bracelets have a patented threading system "Necklaces and bracelets with keepers", that allows charms to be placed, added and rearranged. Pandora has created more than 800 handcrafted charms, available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold and Murano glass, sometimes with semi-precious stones or precious gems. Other accessories for the bracelets include spacers and clips, which secure the loose beads in place and prevent them from falling off the bracelet when it is opened. 
The shop looking so chic!
Guests, customers and staff before the event started proper
There was finger food and lots of champagne that evening 
And lovely cupcakes for all from twelve cupcakes! 
Soooo yummy looking
Taking a picture with Crowd's Vivien and Cindy! 
Im very intrigued with the idea of creating a personalised bracelet from scratch and this is a pefect poster explaining the idea behind Pandora's famous bracelets. 
1. Choose a BRACELET
2. Combine with favorite CHARMS
3. Separate with SPACERS & beautiful CLIPS
4. Protect your collection with a SAFETY CHAIN
5. And you've created your own PANDORA CHARM BRACELET!
It makes a perfect gift for your loved ones too! The box looks so classy too :)
Here's a lovely staff, Grace who patiently shows me the various collection of charms carried in the shop.
Some new arrivals. 
An example of charms together
I realise how personalised this gift can be becoz there are various shapes and materials for their charms! Eg. Gold, Silver, Two-toned, Murano glass in various colours and the list goes ON!
Lets look at more!
Single chain bracelet .. double tour bracelet ... and even a necklace
Be it a bracelet with a single charm or with many charms, - the Pandora bracelet is an epitome of a classic jewellery piece that is suitable for all occasions.
Everyone was having a great time!
Here's Cindy and Juliana wearing a Pandora bracelet :)
And this is Danish singer Sanne Gottlieb at the event too!
Here's Crowd's Agency Director Vivien Teo giving a short address to the guests.
Followed by Anne Trads Hansen, the Marketing Director for Norbreeze Group giving an introductory welcome and small story behind Pandora's arrival to our shores.
And we had a small visual treat too! 
I love it when events like this put an extra effort to indulge us and it was such a delightful performance to boot!
Bravo! *Clap clap*
Hope you had fun here, thank you sooo much for dropping by the blog and I definitely had a lovely time that day! Will be checking out Pandora bracelets over the weekend and if you happen to be at Raffles City, do drop by and be bedazzled by the cute charms that Pandora carries!
Take care! 
Enjoy the weekend xo
Special Thanks to Pandora 
Here's a picture of my lovely necklace and personally picked charms!
*On loan to the author
All Pandora bracelets and Necklaces come with a special 'Lock System' clasp.
Simply open the clasp to separate 
Once the Charm goes in, it will not drop off easily at all.
Trying to wear it differently lol
Snapshots of wearing the Pandora on different occasions  
Laneign Event (Loose Necklace)
Aaron Kwok Concert (Necklace)
Supper Session at Teppei (Necklace)
Lunch at Shoduko (Necklace with Pandora charms on my own chain)
Nespresso Event on same day
Watson's Event (Pandora wore as Choker)
Watson's Event
Pancakes Dinner (Wore as loose necklace)
Sake Session (Shown with friend wearing Pandora bracelet)
Sake Session (Worn as loose necklace)
Another look at the lovely charms! 
It was such a shame returning it but it was so much fun while it lasted so thank you once again dear Crowd & Pandora! I had such a lovely time with it! :D
And lastly ... October is Breast Cancer Month and this a limited edition Pandora collection that I am totally interested to check out soon! Do you like it too? 
Take care!
Back soon

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