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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Am gonna make this short and sweet! :)
Last week I met my lover Pearly Li Wei Shan (yes must call by full name) at Paul's Takashimaya for lunch!
We had always wanted to try this place out so we finally did!
A bedazzling array of desserts and cakes
But I think their selection of BREAD is more fabulous!
Glazed pastries seemed to be very popular with the crowd here too.. 
Im not really a fan (find it too sweet) but they do look good!
Candy Rock
Had my regular Cafe Au Lait and I found it average only, coffee was slightly bitter although it did come piping hot, with a good foam of milk. There are some places that serve lukewarm coffee and thats beyond me. Anyways I think TCC's have a good selection of coffee and even the TCC's house selection of coffee is very good already but if you are feeling extravagant then go ahead and order a Blue Mountain bah. 
So I digress. :p
Lover super act cool 
And then its my turn lol
The main courses were abit of a let-down coz they dun look appetizing (although they had fabulous names and descriptions!) Taste was slightly above average, but I also found the portions to be rather misery. Great if you are saving space for dessert. Not so good if you decide to skip dessert coz you'll be hungry soon. But I did like the crepe although I wish it was slightly more substantial. 
Toast was alittle dry & hard but mushrooms was delicious. 
I dun think u can go wrong with mushrooms though.... 
But the service was great that day during a busy weekday afternoon and we had our orders promptly although water refills was rather slow and upon request. But I like the Victorian decorations, complete with a  fireplace so thumbs up for that. The seats was comfortable and even though we were seated pretty near to the next table, there was ample space between us so each conversation was kept pretty private. The last thing I want is to accidentally eavesdrop on my dining neighbours!
Love talking rubbish to my nonsense lover!
Then ...... another 'rubbish' joined us for ICE CREAM!
Wahahaha! Our nonsense friend la. Who else.
Dunno his hand heavy anot wear so many rubbish 
I dun like the Gelato n yogurt ice-cream! 
Give me REAL ice-cream anytime!
You all eat bah... I dun wan!
3 rubbish together = alot of rubbish
Like this posing
Or this posing 
And more posing in shops! *faint*
We have no shame. 
We pose simply. Everywhere. 
But we LOVE each other coz we love rubbish! 
Meeting them tomorrow for brunch somemore! More rubbish tomorrow again bahhh. And Im sorry that this is a rubbish post.
Thanks for looking! 

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